Stress, Mood & Sleep

What to do about stress and burnout

Stress , burnout, exhaustion and fatigue are way to common producing a physical and psychological burden that significantly impacts day-to-day lives, work and home life. At Bodywise, our role is to recognise the differences between physical and psychological fatigue in each person by coming to know the underlying drivers of each persons’ burnout and fatigue. Using …

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Chamomile – A wonderfully calming herb

Sometimes we stumble across a herb that really intrigues us. Step up chamomile… Maybe you might need something to help you unwind and relax your digestive tract. Or you perhaps you also need anti-allergy properties to calm inflamed skin? Like so many herbs multi actions are the norm. Isn’t that beautiful. Known for its relaxing properties Chamomilla is …

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Lift your mood

Lift your mood from SAD to Glad Feelings of irritability, low mood and depression make life difficult for all ages and stages of life. You may benefit from herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to lift your mood and general well-being.  People who need a mood lift often experience chronic health problems, are tired and stressed. …

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