Metagenics Shake It Weight Loss Programme Is Transformative

Need a shake up to lose weight and be really healthy?  This is For You.

Tired and unmotivated about reducing weight? This is for You!

Want to reduce weight forever without running marathons? This is for You

Are you over the feelings of tiredness, lack of motivation and embarrassment from carrying more baggage (aka fat) than you know is good for you?

Yes! – then the famous and scientifically researched Metagenics Shake It Weight Loss and Wellness programme is your pre-christmas gift to supersize your well-being and boost your confidence for when you put the budgee smugglers or bathing suit on, walk down the aisle, or simply need to feel fit and healthy

Need convincing as to why you should make a commitment to yourself

You are not alone with weight problems – 1:2 people are over-weight or obese in NZ. Excessive fat mass is not just a cosmetic issue, ie do I look fabulous. Data has shown (and we think you will know all this), that the greater the fat mass, the great the risk of all chronic diseases such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnoea, mood disorders, arthritis and so on …

The Good news – 5% to 10% reduction in weight loss shows dramatic improvement in all health markers

Metagenics Shake It Weight Maintenance and Wellness programme

This programme draws on the very latest research into the drivers of weight gain and how to regain an efficient fat burning metabolism. You have the added bonus of a Naturopath to keep you on track and provide a personalised 6 week programme that will set you up for many summers to come.

Bridget is our Naturopath who provides the information and supplements you will require for the Shake It Weight Management Program, all based on the most up to date clinical research.

The program offers flexibility with:

two healthy, wholefood eating plans for you to choose from

incorporates evidence-based exercise – not to hard out

behavioural change strategies to help support lasting weight loss

baseline measurements for you to track your progess

Support from supplements and herbs to optimise your fat loss and support other health issues


We all do better with a companion to keep us honest, here is our offer!


Your investment covers:

1x 45 minute consult with Bridget to get an overall health assessment

5x weekly weigh – in and general check in (15 mins). Here is where you buddy comes in – both of you go together

1x container of Shake It, which last 2 – 3 weeks

1x probiotic – specific to your needs

Hand book that includes charts to monitor your progress


Your investment:

$360 – That’s $60 per week to renew you! Or $330 – with a buddy

Payment is required in advance and you can begin asap – Christmas is not far away


People who have participated in this program have:

safely lost fat mass and reduced weight while preserving their muscle mass

improved their energy levels and given their wellbeing and confidence at lift

learnt how to keep the weight down, manage and correct festive blow outs


Some powerful reasons to lose body fat:

Removing excess body fat will make you feel happier

Looking good means feeling more motivated and confident

Reduces the risk of developing many chronic diseases

Reverses nearly all markers of health problems

Improved energy levels equal more vitality for enjoying exercise and socialising

Reduces signs of premature ageing!


Consider fat loss a type of ‘life insurance’.

You will empower yourself. Losing body fat is an incredibly powerful experience that only you have the power tackle head on and only you will truly experience the personal reward.

This Shake It Weight Loss and Wellness Programme, with support from our naturopath Bridget, will keep you nourished while turning your body back into the evolutionary fat burning human we were supposed to always be.

Get in touch with Bridget for more information.

Christmas is only 7 weeks away, So BOOK NOW

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