Now is the time of the year to start taking vitamin D for me, you and everyone else from babies to the elderly.

Julia, our naturopath, always uses the Autumn Equinox as a reminder to start taking vitamin D now that the days are now getting shorter, and along with that, less sun exposure. And if you work or resided indoors for most of the year you will need Vitamin D all year round

Getting enough sun in Nelson to keep Vitamin D levels up over winter is not always easy. Being out in midday sun over the winter months, with enough skin exposed is important if you want to try and keep levels up naturally, however do make sure you are still protected if you are out for prolonged periods of time. Also, do not immediately go home after intentional exposure to the sun and shower as this washes away oils that absorb into the skin.

It can be a fine balance, especially if you work inside!

A 2018 study showed that out of 126 women and their babies tested in Otago, 65% of women and 76% of babies were deficient.

Vitamin D helps our immune system to function well, fighting off the ills and chills of winter and should be the first thing to think of if you notice you are getting sick more often over winter.

It also helps to regulate overactive immune systems. People who have autoimmune disease or skin complaints such as eczema do much better if their levels are higher than the average population.,after%20two%20years%20of%20supplementation.

Vitamin D is also very important for bone health. It works synergistically with vitamin K2 and magnesium to ensure calcium is stored in bones. We often recommend these three are taken together,. especially if our customers are at risk of osteoporosis.

For Dosing requirements: take at least 1 cap – 1000iu in the summer daily and 2 caps or 2000 iu from autumn to spring. For babies and children check with Bodywise for the dosing and options of capsules or liquid drops.

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