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Time for a spring clean and detox

Are you up for a spring clean and detox for your mood and wellbeing? We grow, mature in spring and […]
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Reflux is no joke!

Many of us have regretted overeating late at night or drinking too much when it results in a night of […]
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Dietary and lifestyle advice for women young and old

Dietary Advice for women young and old Supplements are just that. They do not replace a highly nutritious plant-based diet. […]
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Weight Loss Healthy

17 June 2021
Wellness brings about weight loss Sleep -promotes energy, weight loss and slows down ageing!!! Weight Loss and Healthy Ageing with strength […]
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Healthy Digestion and Weight Management

Be bodywise for a healthy digestion. Our Bodywise naturopath and herbalist can prescribe scientifically researched herbs and nutrients and a […]
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Long Live Healthy Men – Mens Health

On average, men are living longer but generally do not outlive their women.  Most of our mens health issues, especially in the middle […]
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Lift your mood

Lift your mood from SAD to Glad Feelings of irritability, low mood and depression make life difficult for all ages […]
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Cold Water Showers are great for us

Cold showers improve our health, wealth and environment! After a summer of jumping into the sea and feeling so invigorated […]
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What can be done to relieve Endometriosis

Endometriosis – is a complex chronic condition many young women suffer from early teens. Thankfully there have been new developments […]
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Metagenics Shake It Weight Loss Programme Is Transformative

Need a shake up to lose weight and be really healthy?  This is For You. Tired and unmotivated about reducing […]
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A Boost for the Men

No offence men, but many of you are famous for paying more attention to your favourite sports team, cars and […]
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Cool Tips to avoid dehyration for a Very Hot Summer!

Its a very hot summer and many of us are suffering from symptoms of dehydration. Here are some thoughts on […]
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Want to shed a few kilos to feel good ?

It may be easier that you think… Follow the guidelines below and enjoy healthy food and exercise while you return […]
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Great news for weight loss management

At Bodywise we support people who wish to use a scientifically based weight loss programme along with positive coaching, and […]
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Stevia Leaf – Natures answer for a sweet tooth

Bodywise stocks Stevia Leaf – Natures answer for a sweet tooth Is there another plant on our earth like Stevia? Well […]
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Say Goodbye to Acne

There are natural ways to heal your skin that you may not have heard about! A healthy skin’s normal function […]
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Nit Picking

For as long as humans have congregated in groups, lice have been around us. Lice or Louse lay eggs called […]
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