Want to shed a few kilos to feel good ?

It may be easier that you think…

Follow the guidelines below and enjoy healthy food and exercise while you return to a healthy body and mind and lose a few kilos while you are at.

1. Set regular small health goals that lead to a big goal by a manageable date. Tick off the small achievments.
  • Keep the end goal in mind by minimising distractions. Be firm with yourself, family and friends. You are on a health kick!
  • Keep motivated and seek help if needed to keep your eye on the prize – your prize. Back yourself and get help from friends and family and our team at Bodywise.
2. Look after your brain and you will look after your wellbeing
  • Water directly hydrates your brain and body cells making thinking and learning easier. Energy drinks do not! Add a squeeze of lemon or blackcurrant of blue juice if needed to provide some taste.
  • Quality of food, fresh and raw (with some cooked) equates to the quality fuel to maximum brain and body performance. The top brain foods include blueberries, brazil and walnuts, banana (half), broccoli, avocado, a variety of colourful vegetables, wholegrain sourdough bread (in small amounts), along with healthy protein and fats to be included in 3 meals. Do not skip breakfast! Avoid all processed foods and cheap vegetable oils.
  • Frequent invigorating breaks for metabolic stimulation. If you sit at a desk in your line of work, then take an invigorating 5-minute break in the sun, with a brisk walk. Any activity that raises your heart rate will promote blood flow and oxygen to the brain which will then kindly release feel good endorphins that help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and promote motivation and focus and best of all stimulate metabolic energy to help you burn up those excess fat cells.
  • Get sweaty a couple of times a week – find a few types of exercises that you enjoy and do them each to at least medium intensity once a week. Push yourself a little bit, not just for fitness but also for building confidence in your body. You’re body may be built more for strength, flexibility, balance or cardio – experiment and roll with what feels good for you!
  • Stop and smell the roses – Slow down, take time to eat and relax. Learn about mindfulness, and do anything to release stress such as yoga, gardening, paddle boarding, lying by the river. Do anything to unwind. Put it in your diary if needed. And for those who cannot keep still, find active relaxations like making a salad, tending your garden and anything to get out of your head
  • Get to bed at a good hour – sleep is the secret for lowered stress levels and for fat burning!

 Think your way to a slimmer, fitter and happier self

How to minimise those persistent negative thoughts about feeling overweight and achieve your goals  

  • Set your goal and a prize for achieving it (such as a holiday, nice lunch out, or simply being happy with your new lool), and focus on working towards it one day at a time.
  • For nuisance thoughts, take a few big breathes (this can lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol that create shallow breathing, tight muscles and a busy mind.
  • Ask yourself if you need to get out and get some fresh air or exercise, did you forget to drink, do you need some clarification on something hard? Do not procrastinate on asking for help and socialising may be just what you need.
  • Call out “stop” really loud and mean it. I know it sounds weird, but this technique can interrupt the thought pattern. Replace the thoughts with a well thought out script that creates a positive intention on what you can do and what your goal is.

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