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Taurine – the established benefits for energy, repair and mood

Taurine is a great benefit for good health Discovered in the 1800s Taurine has been added to processed foods, and […]
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Time for a spring clean and detox

Are you up for a spring clean and detox for your mood and wellbeing? We grow, mature in spring and […]
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Remedies for swollen Adenoids, enlarged Tonsils and Glue Ear

Swollen adenoids and enlarged tonsils are way too common in children leading to snoring, poor sleep, and further immune problems […]
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Reflux is no joke!

Many of us have regretted overeating late at night or drinking too much when it results in a night of […]
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Chamomile – A wonderfully calming herb

Sometimes we stumble across a herb that really intrigues us. Step up chamomile… Maybe you might need something to help you […]
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A Boost for the Men

No offence men, but many of you are famous for paying more attention to your favourite sports team, cars and […]
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Tummy bugs. Tips on how to avoid and some natural remedies.

Tummy bugs can wreak havoc on your gut’s delicate ecosystem, which has more healthy bacteria of many differing strains than […]
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Want to shed a few kilos to feel good ?

It may be easier that you think… Follow the guidelines below and enjoy healthy food and exercise while you return […]
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Get rid of your pot belly

Is your pot belly making you tired and heavy? With some understanding of the causes, some essential lifestyle changes and […]
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Helpful tips for a healthy festive season

If you are worried about the effects of too much rich food and alcohol, then here are some helpful tips? Firstly, back […]
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How Your Food Is Cooked Affects Your Health – Eat More Raw!

How Your Food Is Cooked Affects Your Health – Eat More Raw! We constantly hear about food sensitivities, alkaline foods, […]
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Indigestion is not a life sentence

Love your gut by being honest about what you eat Heartburn or indigestion can be painful and people are encouraged to take drugs […]
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