Chamomile – A wonderfully calming herb

Sometimes we stumble across a herb that really intrigues us. Step up chamomile…

Maybe you might need something to help you unwind and relax your digestive tract. Or you perhaps you also need anti-allergy properties to calm inflamed skin? Like so many herbs multi actions are the norm. Isn’t that beautiful.

Known for its relaxing properties Chamomilla is used to support a good night’s sleep for babies and children and to calm the nervous system, digestive  discomfort, inflammation and allergic sensitivity.

Internally – Relaxing, soothing, great for digestive upsets, bloating, Its mild effect makes it a good herb for infants & children
Externally – its found to be great for skin conditions, calming and revitalising which why you will find it used in the Dr Hauschka Skin Care 
Chamomile is one of the key herbs in our ’Wind Down’ tea blend. We make this fresh in store by mixing together a combination of herbs for the desired effect.
Do not be put off by some of the unpleasant tasting commercial teas out there. Our version is truly lovely and full goodness and our concentrated tincture of Chamomile blends beautifully with other herbs unique to each person situation
See you soon