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Bodywise is committed to helping you regain your health & promote well-being using natural remedies

Level 2  Update – 

Hello Bodywise folk,

We are thankful for all the hard work put in by so many people to make Level 2 happen.

Hours for Level 2 are 10-5

and 10-12 Saturdays until the market resumes operating


This is how it works best for all of us:

  • We continue to take your orders from our contact page and have your products ready to collect or we courier to you.
  • You can drop by and we provide your products but not the same level of discussion that we normally offer.
  • If there are questions re the availability of your herbs or products we will contact you via email or phone to discuss other options if your desired products are not available
  • We will invoice you by email for internet banking payment or you can pay by pay wave, see below
  • When you arrive the front door will be open and you can enter our  porch area, however we will not invite you in any further so that we do not have to supervise the 2 Metre apart rule.
  • We will be keeping an eye out for expected customers
  • Please be aware of others and practice social distancing
  • The QR Code will be available. This has become mandatory!
  • If you do not have a phone you can record your name on slips at the front entrance. If you are a member of our Bodywise club all transactions will be recorded.
  • You can pay with your card by holding the card (for a few moments) up to the eftpos machine in the front window or in our entry way
  • We will place the products on a table in the doorway for you to collect – stand 2 metres back while we do this
  • Government regulations| we will be using a mask while preparing herbal tonics and washing our hands and sanitizing etc.
  • We can spray your products if you wish, let us know
  • Hours open from 10 – 5 for collections

Contact and Order Here

We will try courier to you that day if you get in early and there are no questions. If you send a screen shot of the bank payment for your purchases well get there even faster.

For more updates keep checking our website or fb page

Go well and many thanks for your email and support.

Sally and Bridget


How we help

Conventional medicine can be lifesaving and amazing. At other times there is a need to understand and treat the  root causes of lifestyle illnesses and day to day problems.

That’s where natural remedies can help regain and maintain your health and well-being, from the inside out. Bodywise provides:

Bodywise Natural Health & Beauty Nelson NZ
Nelson’s community natural health and herbal dispensary
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Visit Bodywise to Regain Your Health with a Personalized Plan

We use scientifically tested herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to assist a range of common health conditions

If you are experiencing any of the following health issues  drop by and chat to our experienced natural health practitioners.

Good health care takes time to consider your individual needs and this includes your budget!

  • Our staff include a naturopath, medical herbalist, a former-nurse and homeopath and a nutritionist.
  • We offer limited advice over the phone, so visiting our herbal dispensary is worth the time and effort so we can come to understand you and your situation.
  • Bookings are not necessary however you need to have time on your side, we may be busy!
  • If you wish you can make an appointment for a private consultation with our Naturopath, Bridget.

To get started email your question

We love natural makeup, skincare, sunblock and therapeutic skin care products

Natural makeup and skincare are an essential part of regaining health and looking beautiful.

We have a variety of New Zealand and Global brands of:

  • Green toiletries and oral care products
  • Plenty of tips on treatment of nasty skin conditions.
  • Organic and natural, skincare, and gorgeous makeup, hair colours.

We know you will love natural make-up & Skincare  

You can be healthy and look great all the time.


Contact-less Purchases and Payments are available

For all your favourite natural remedies contact us via this form. We can answer questions and provide you with product recommendations, with contact-less pickup or courier of products

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Address: Montgomery Carpark, Nelson City. (The home of the Saturday Market)

We are open:

  • Monday – Friday  9.30 – 5.00
  • Saturday   – 9.30 – 1.00
  • Closed on all public holiday unless they fall on a Saturday
  • Ph: 03-5468611