Bodywise Natural Health & Herbal Dispensary in Nelson

Bodywise Natural Health will create a personalised plan to help you regain your health and enhance your wellbeing using scientifically based natural remedies and health products from the Bodywise Herbal Dispensary

How we help

Conventional medicine can be lifesaving and amazing. At other times there is a need to understand and treat the the root causes of lifestyle illnesses and day to day problems.

Our Herbalist preparing a herbal tonic in the Bodywise Herbal Dispensary
Our Herbalist preparing a herbal tonic in the Bodywise Herbal Dispensary

That’s where natural remedies can help regain and maintain your health and well-being from the inside out.

We use scientifically tested herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to assist a range of common health conditions.

Take a moment to watch a a video taken inside Bodywise

Visit or contact Bodywise to Regain Your Health with a Personalised Wellness Plan

Talk to us if you are experiencing any  health issues and want free advice from experienced natural health practitioners.

Drop in to Bodywise or Email your Question 

Good health care takes time, so to get started jump in and email your question

  • Our staff include a naturopath, medical herbalist, a former-nurse and homeopath and a nutritionist.
  • We offer limited advice over the phone, so visiting our herbal dispensary is worth the time and effort so we can come to understand you and your situation.
  • Bookings are not necessary however you need to have time on your side, we may be busy!
  • If you wish you can make an appointment for a private consultation with our Naturopath

Good health care takes time to consider your individual needs and includes your budget!

We know you love natural makeup and skincare!

Dr Hauschka Day Lotions
Dr Hauschka Day Lotions

Visit Bodywise to experience our natural makeup and skincare. Going clean with your makeup, hair colours, skin and body care are an essential part of regaining health and looking beautiful.

We have a variety of New Zealand and Global brands of:

  • Green toiletries and oral care products
  • Plenty of tips on treatment of nasty skin conditions.
  • organic and natural, skincare, and gorgeous makeup, hair colours.

Our natural skincare and make-up will ensure that you create the look you love.

You can be healthy and look great all the time.

Contact-less Purchases and Payments are available 

For all your favourite natural remedies contact us via this form.

We can answer questions and provide you with product recommendations, with contact-less pickup or courier of products

Address: Montgomery Carpark, Nelson City. (The home of the Saturday Market)   


We are open:

  • Monday – Friday  10 – 5.00
  • Saturday   – 10 – 1.00

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