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We use scientifically tested herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to assist a range of common health conditions.

We take time to consider your individual needs and your budget!
Bridget in the Bodywise Herbal Dispensary

Regain your health with a personalised plan

Conventional medicine can be lifesaving and amazing. At other times there is a need to understand and treat the root causes of lifestyle illnesses and day to day problems. That’s where herbal medicine natural remedies can help regain and maintain your health and well-being, from the inside out.

The Bodywise Natural Health and Herbal Dispensary in Nelson has proudly served our community for the last 25 years, helping people feel and look healthy and vibrant. 

  • Staff - Our staff include a naturopath, medical herbalist, a former-nurse and homeopath and a nutritionist.
  • Personal Service - We offer limited advice over the phone, so visiting our herbal dispensary is worth the time and effort so we can come to understand you and your situation.
  • Make the Time - Bookings are not necessary however you need to have time on your side, we may be busy!
  • Book Appointments - You can make an appointment for a private consultation with our Naturopath

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