Heart warming herbs for cold hands and feet

Heart warming herbs can be so helpful during the coldest of months to help promote circulation to our cold hands and feet.

For many people Hawthorn (berries) containing anti-oxidant properties may regulate the rate and quality of the heart’s contractions improving circulation to your heart muscle and blood flow through out the body. Ginger warms and reduces inflammation. 

Other wonderful herbs to promote circulation may include:

Cayenne, Crampbark, Dan Shen, Dong Quai, Garlic, Ginger, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, Horopito, Kawakawa, Prickly Ash and more.

Even if you are on medications, many herbal medicines can be used to give you a warming boost providing you have the supervision of your herbal and naturopath and your doctor.

Bodywise invites you to enjoy a cup of energising tea while learning how herbals medicine can stimulate your cardiovascular system to not just keep warm but also;

  • relieve and assist healing of chilblains on hands and feet
  • promote healthy heart pumping action and hypertension
  • reduce systemic inflammation that affects cholesterol levels and heart conditions
  • manage venous problems such as haemorrhoids and varicose veins
  • enhance healing of skin lesions and ulcers

There are various nutritional supplements and creams for inflammed skin from cold weather to promote healing.

If this sounds familiar, then visit Bodywise and find solutions from our medical herbalists and naturopaths.

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