About Bodywise & our products

You will find our friendly staff in the Montgomery Car Park in downtown Nelson City.

Open from 10 am to 5 pm for over the counter and click and collect.
Bodywise stock products and ingredients that come from all over the world. Our NZ brands use ingredients that also come from around the world. What is most important is the quality and efficacy of the products.
Yes, providing they are the correct supplement or herb for each individual.
This is where our experience comes in. Buying products over the net is fine if they are the correct ones. In all cases where conventional medications are consumed you must get advice from a qualified health practitioner such as a naturopath or medical herbalist.
We provide a range of supplements and herbs for infants and children. However, if anyone in your family has any sensitivities to certain herbs take care when you introduce them to your little ones. Start with small drop doses of the liquids.
There are so many safe herbs and most supplements that can be used for women to support their immunity, mood, hormones, pregnancy and breastfeeding, vein issues and more. There are also many that should not be taken. If in doubt get advice.
We are serious about supporting women and each situation needs an individualised approach. So please go to our contact page with any questions.
Always please comply with the recommended dose and if any sensitivities arise cease taking the tonic.
There are professionally researched herbs and supplements available to use alongside or sometimes instead of conventional medicine. That’s a big statement but these conditions are the most common issues that we come across at Bodywise and we know how we can support folk in their journey to regain or maintain their health.

There is a lot of info on the internet that says we cannot have this herb or that food. It is confusing. Our practitioner supplements and any that originate in Australia meet stringent licensing rules to provide evidence that the ingredients can assist people with specific health issues. NZ law are more general.

So contrary to public opinion we do not want to stimulate the immune system as it is often already over stimulated! The products we recommend are created to support a balanced and healthy immune system. Mood is always connected to our immune function, gut health and digestion, hormones, circulation, and every other body system during acute and chronic disease.

And behind all health issues – mental or physical – is lifestyle and we will always talk about the elephant in the room – diet, lifestyle, exercise, and alcohol consumption. Alcohol is possibly the worst licensed drug in our country and makes most people mentally and physically sick starting with our young adults.
We will gently coach you to find an easier way to get well and improve your outlook on life.
There are a growing number of organic and vegan friendly products which is good news. However, for some people we need to balance their physical needs with getting the correct foods and products. This is all part of our discussions.
Aotearoa has potent medicinal plants, superfoods, and marine products. We try to include native, and NZ grown herbal plants into our individualised herbal tonic as appropriate.

About delivery

Purchases less than $100 will applied on a local regional basis.
Purchases over $100 will be free unless there is a rural delivery where $12 will be charged.
2-4 working days with rural deliveries typically taking another couple of working days and more charges.

In case you didn’t notice, life is unpredictable, and things happen outside of our control. If your purchases have taken longer than expected just get in touch and we can track it down for you.
Please take a photo and email it to us and we’ll replace your order. We usually package things well so this rarely happens!
The extra cost associated with rural delivery is an average of $10 per order, and we used to cover this because getting our products to people is so important to us!
Yes! We offer Click & Collect on all purchases. Simply order your goods, select Click & Collect at checkout.
We can for an extra charge as it would involve us going to the shipping agents like NZ Post. This would be discussed at the time of purchase.


As a business we know that we can contribute to waste! For over a decade we have:

  • reused our herbal bottles
  • our cardboard packaging is reused by local business’s or when we courier products
  • we do not offer paper bags unless they are ones that we recycle
  • any plastic goes to recycling
  • we have minimal lighting especially at night


Purchases less than $100 will applied on a local regional basis.
Purchases over $100 will be free unless there is a rural delivery where $12 will be charged.
  • Ensuring safe practice is standard practice for us.
  • If sick, we do not come to work
  • We follow health department guidelines
  • As you can imagine we are well exposed to the public and that is not a problem for us. We keep ourselves safe by walking our talk on lifestyle and taking the very herbal medicines and supplements that are needed.