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Remedies for swollen Adenoids, enlarged Tonsils and Glue Ear

Swollen adenoids and enlarged tonsils are way too common in children leading to snoring, poor sleep, and further immune problems […]
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Reflux is no joke!

Many of us have regretted overeating late at night or drinking too much when it results in a night of […]
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Mother and Baby Health Care

7 January 2022
Mother and baby health care is a high priority for us at Bodywise – we can help you with the […]
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What you need to know about Anaemia and Iron supplements

Are you taking an Iron Supplement? Here are questions we need to ask: How much Iron should we take? When […]
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Dont let bugs get you down this summer holiday season

Dont let bugs get you down this summer holiday season ? For all ages and stages a little prep goes […]
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How to treat nipple pain when breastfeeding

Do you need relief for painful nipples during breast feeding – often worse during winter Cold weather can lead to […]
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