How to treat nipple pain when breastfeeding

Do you need relief for painful nipples during breast feeding – often worse during winter

Cold weather can lead to very painful nipples during breast feeding  Other possible causes are cracks, mastitis and candida infections. For some mothers an underlying condition called Raynauds and other auto-immune conditions may leave a mother more vulnerable to this painful condition.

Practical habits include:

Keeping warm and not  exposing nipples to cold air and covering nipples as soon as breast feeding is finished.

Do not over clean as it removes natural oils and bacteria that help keep the skin healthy.

Also use natural nipple care creams that contain the beautiful herbs calendula and hypericum to reduce inflammation and reduce cracking that may result from the sucking of a hungry baby.

Useful herbs to promote blood flow and general wellness include:

  • Cayenne is a warming herb and has a circulatory stimulant dilating blood vessels in cold weather. This herb is often used for chilblains, poor circulation to hands and feet.
  • Cramp Bark has antispasmodic actions that may help reduce cramps in breast tissue as the name suggests.
  • Ginger is like cayenne very warming and gets the blood flowing.
  • Hawthorn is protective of the cardiovascular system. This herb helps all things relating to the heart and blood and is known as a cardiotonic.
  • Calming herbs that help with any stress can also help a mother feel more comfortable
  • Vitamin B6, Magnesium and for some extra Calcium and Omega3 can help support general health.

All of these herbs are safe during breastfeeding and pregnancy

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