Dont let bugs get you down this summer holiday season

Don’t let bugs get you down this summer holiday season ?

For all ages and stages a little prep goes along way to prevent chills and ills,  ???? and stay healthy this summer holiday. 
So if you are camping, tramping or at a rock concert festival – Here are a few top tips to keep you well …
  • Firstly, get lots of sleep, especially children!
  • Keep babies and young children warm, especially around their ears and chest
  • Get enough fluids, and for all of us, that includes fruit and vegetables – they contain fluids and nutrients????????
  • Keep your stress levels low, use techniques like mindfulness or exercise or reading to give your self a bit of me time ????
  • Top up with immune boosting nutrients such as Vitamin C and Zinc
  • Get some sunshine, but not too much as it will weaken your immune system and you will get burnt
  • Lastly respect your body, especially when it comes to alcohol and ….
and….always have our specially formulated Viral Ease on hand for a summer of camping and partying.
Just a spoon of our world famous Viral Ease every few hours, and asap for chills and ills will tell bugs they are not wanted ???????? 
Take as directed and always diluted!!!