Practitioner Product Information

Why do we ask for information before you can purchase practitioner range products?  

Practitioner range products are designed to address specific health issues and may contain ingredients that require a health practitioner to monitor the person taking them.

The companies that create these products are on the leading edge of nutritional and supplemental knowledge and manufacturing standards. These products should be prescribed by health practitioners who understand which products are essential for their individual clients needs based on accurate information collected from the client.

Practitioner range terms and conditions:

  • Practitioner range products are available when a client has taken a digital record of a consultation with a qualified health practitioner, approved by the products supplier or representatives. The practitioner will take into consideration your unique health status before recommending health products or services.
  • The practitioner will need to know:
    • your diagnosis and a brief medical history 
    • your general lifestyle situation
    • current conventional medications or complementary supplements or therapies to be sure they are compatible with any recommendations.
  • A recommendation to seek advice from a GP and / or to get blood tests may be requested before any suggestions are offered.
  • Consultations may occur over the phone to a limited degree or over the counter if uncomplicated or with a 1-hour private consultation.
  • If the practitioner’s assessment of your situation is complicated, they will suggest a private consultation.
  • Our practitioners will do their best to provide the products and services that are in your best interest based on the accuracy of the information you provide. 
  • Health care is complex. Bodywise cannot make any guarantee that taking the health products we recommend will result in a positive outcome. Any detrimental lifestyle habits and our mental or physical ability to make certain changes may affect the outcome. Regaining our health is a team effort.
  • Your body’s ability to heal itself is limited by harmful maintaining causes. Some causes may include: the stage of a disease process, age, diet and nutritional status, stress, ongoing lifestyle, and environmental toxicity that harms the body. Part of the consultation with our health practitioners is to uncover these issues to optimise the opportunity for you to regain health and wellbeing

If you are ready to discover and address the issues raised here, we would enjoy hearing from you and being part of your path back to wellness. 

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