Get rid of your pot belly

Is your pot belly making you tired and heavy?

With some understanding of the causes, some essential lifestyle changes and specific supplements, you can be in those stubbies by christmas looking like a healthy man instead of humpty dumpty or “Dad Bod”. Just in case, this article is very applicable to children, teens, women and oldies!
The naturopathic approach to digestive health focuses on interactions between the environment and stress, and the gastrointestinal, endocrine, metabolic and immune systems. To improve your health and remove dis-ease a study of each person is required to understand the underlying causes, current and historical, the known triggers, your inherited traits and individual constitutional traits, and the particular characteristics of a person’s illness to arrive at the root cause.
There are various levels of enquiry and a consultation with a naturopath will provide a great level of understanding. Blood testing for microbes, toxins and nutrient deficiencies is ideal but not within the financial scope of a great many people. Our aim is to provide the best options to get you on the road to wellness by teaching you what lifestyle habits are creating the environment for digestive problems and how we can systematically relieve symptoms and improve your health at a deeper more holisitic level.
A naturopathic approach to digestive hygiene can help your liver and gallbladder function and is this is key to the performance of a healthy bowel, resulting in a bloat-free stomach (and ideally, weight loss) so long as you alter your habitual dietary and lifestyle influences. And once again Mother Nature and additional digetive enzymes provides us with some wonderful natural treatments to help you along this path. Particular herbs can be very helpful to support overall digestive function, remove toxic waste and parasites. Bitter herbs help to stimulate liver and gallbladder function, improving the regularity of bowel movements. Here are just a few:
  • Milk Thistle protects liver cells (hepatocytes) from damage (resulting from alcohol toxicity, fatty liver, certain conventional medicines and hepatitis).
  • Dandelion Root is commonly used as a natural laxative as it stimulates secretions of bile.
  • Gentiana Lutea helps the breakdown of rich and fatty foods! It’s used to stimulate gastric and gall bladder secretions.
 *Reference – Some of the above is taken from Materia Medica of Western Herbs – by Nelson’s Medical Herbalist, Carole Fisher
Some folk will find that a digestive enzyme supplement will also aid digestion, especially those who have been on a poor diet for a many years. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms stated, please do contact us or call in to discuss how a herbal tincture containing these herbs , dietary advice and movement can help you.
So if you are tired of your pot belly dragging you down, pop in to the Bodywise dispensary for a free chat with our Naturopath Bridget to begin your path to a healthy digestion and a flatter tum, free from indigestion, burping and your know what happens at the other end. A 100ml of herbal mixture will get you moving!

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