Helpful tips for a healthy festive season

If you are worried about the effects of too much rich food and alcohol, then here are some helpful tips?

Firstly, back yourself and your body will be grateful

  • Throw in a few big glasses of water before you go out and between drinks.
  • When in comes to snacks – choose vege nibbles or raw nuts and seeds.
  • Eat something healthy before you go out so you are not scooping up anything in sight
  • Take plain soda water, lemon and mint, if you don’t want to drink alcohol. Who cares what others think!
  • Skip the chips, white carbs, fruit juices, soft drinks and deserts if you have the “won’t power”
  • Encourage your family/friends to take a stroll after a meal while you chat instead of just sitting or standing.
  • Skip the 3 course heavy breakfast after a big night, fresh fruit and yogurt will be refreshing
  • Take liver support herbs and a supplement especially if you are really tired and feel sluggish before you go out (not on an empty stomach) and when you get home.
  • Add apple cider vinegar to your salad dressings, or take a desert spoonful in a little water to aid your digestion and reduce blood sugar.spikes.
  • If you are experiencing cramp or gout, get some Bascia into you a couple of times per day.
  • Keep up at least some exercise to help clear the wastes your body is very keen to remove.
  • Lastly, the sun dehydrates us……. you know what to do!
After a busy build up to Christmas, looking after #1 can make for a happier time all round with more energy to give to others.

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