Indigestion is not a life sentence

Love your gut by being honest about what you eat

Heartburn or indigestion can be painful and people are encouraged to take drugs to reduce HCL, our stomach acid. There are other options.

The naturopathic practice is to encourage mindful food habits and promote digestion instead of depleting it!

The foods you eat send messages to your genes telling them what to do—creating health or disease. 

The most powerful tool you have to change your health is YOU and food is the fastest acting and powerful medicine to change your life, right now! Eat a little protein with each meal along with fresh and raw vegetables and fruit, reduce or eliminate coffee, and only use real coffee. Avoid grains and alcohol. Eat like our ancient ancestors (all humans prior to approx. 7000 BC), who survived without grains and dairy. Eat small meals especially in the evening.

Step 2.  Take time to eat slowly, with gratitude and go to bed earlier.  Eat dinner by 7pm. Turn off the TV and computer and get to bed earlier. Your body will appreciate not having to digest large amounts food while sleeping and can get on with restoring and maintaining health.  Tilt the head of your bed a few inches above your feet using bricks or blocks but not pillows that will hurt the neck.

Step 3.  Practice a relaxation strategy. Stress and anxiety can worsen reflux symptoms. Drink a calming herbal tea like our Rest and Relax tea from Artemis or make one from out range of single teas.

Step 4.  Thyme Heal’s Indigestion Mix effectively combines herbs that improve the speed and efficiency of digestion and reduce reflux, bloating and cramping. Chew DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) before or between meals and at bedtime. Consider slippery elm. It can heal irritated digestive tract tissues.

Step 5.  Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, mostly between meals.

Step 6.  Avoid stimulants. Caffeinated beverages, coffee (including decaffeinated coffee), tobacco and other stimulants can irritate the gastrointestinal tract.

Step 7. Take an appropriate and quality probiotic to encourage the bacteria that promote digestion and ultimately your immunity.

Step 8. Lose weight and get gentle daily exercise.

At Bodywise we will aid your digestion and unlike Losec and Antacids that inhibit these very important functions. Come into Bodywise  and ask us about what dietary guidelines and herbs you can take before your digestion gets really problematic.

Email us now to arrange a consultation with a Naturopath

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