Cold Water Showers are great for us

Cold showers improve our health, wealth and environment!

After a summer of jumping into the sea and feeling so invigorated every time, I wondered if I could keep this great feeling going with cold showering. The benefits of the cold-water treatments currently “on trend”, are backed up with research concluding that the health benefits are many and even more importantly the practice is great for the environment and your power bill.


It gets easier and you may find it a healthy habit

While a hard transition to make in the first few days, here’s some tips. Instead of jumping straight under the cold shower head and starting to scream, you can start with a normal warm (not hot) shower, turn down to cool water starting on your feet, then move on to your legs and arms, torso and head. The greatest physiological response to cold water exposure was observed during the first 30 seconds. A lower water pressure is easier until you can happily sing in the shower. Gradually the body gets used to the cool and you can make it colder. Considering current water restrictions, a cold-water shower will lessen the amount of water you will use.


Cold showers lift your mood and clears your mind

Cold-water stimulation releases endorphins and hormones in the blood sending an abundance of electrical pulses to the brain that are uplifting while reducing stress and anxiety, and could result in an anti-depressive effect. So, tired or sad, you may jump start your day and get that to do list signed off quick smart. Check out what the researchers have to say


Your skin will love you so much more

People with eczema, dermatitis and acne may see an improvement within a few days to a few weeks. Just like in your kitchen sink, hot water melts fats. This is not what your skin likes at all. Use cool to cold water and your skin and hair may feel less dry and less likely to need as much moisturiser and hair conditioner. Observe what your skin likes temperature wise, if really cold water reacts just as bad as hot, take note– go for tepid shower.

And for those who love to swim in public pools, shower first to hydrate your skin and less chlorinated water will be absorbed. After swimming wash in tepid water with a gentle natural unscented soap, pat yourself dry gently and moisturise. Check out our lovely natural moisturisers from Dr Hauschka, Waihi bush, Hopes Relief and more.


It strengthens your immune and lymphatic system and promotes circulation

Word has it from researchers in a 2016 study that you will have few days of sick. The cardio vascular system responds to the changes in temperature by dilating or constriction the blood vessels which floods or inhibits blood to the extremities and skin surface. Alternating hot and cold has been used for years to treat a variety of conditions, however each person needs to consider what makes them feel good and finishing with cold will help the circulatory to bring blood to the surface areas and the lymphatic system carry out waste from cells. Altogether this all helps our immune system.


It saves money and you will likely use less water

Simply put – cold showers mean lower electricity or gas bills and reduced environmental impact.

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