Say Goodbye to Acne

There are natural ways to heal your skin that you may not have heard about!

A healthy skin’s normal function is to provide a protective barrier, maintain body temperature, keep us from drying out and importantly excrete body wastes. Therefore, it stands to reason, that the following factors can play a major role in the health of our largest organ – our skin.

  • What we eat and drink
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Exposure to environmental allergens (including those we put on our skin)
  • Hereditary sensitivities

Acne and Acne Rosacea

Acne and an adult version called Acne Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by whiteheads, blackheads, inflamed red pimples, pustules and for some cysts that develop under the skin. While predominantly visual on the face, the neck, chest and back can be involved. The location of acne is also important as part of the overall health profile and is associated with other concerns. Acne Rosacea predominantly affects the nose and cheeks and those who have depleted liver function.


How does Acne occur?

Acne occurs when the skins pores, become clogged. Pores open into a canal called a follicle that contains a hair and a sebaceous gland that secretes oil. When glands produce too much oil, the pores can become blocked, accumulating dirt, debris, and bacteria. The blockage is called a plug or comedone or “ Zit”. If the pimple bursts, oil and bacteria can spread across the skin causing an inflammatory reaction. If the inflammation is deep in your skin, the pimples may enlarge to form a firm, painful cyst.

Causes of Acne:

  • Genetic factors – acne often runs in families.
  • Friction caused by harsh scrubbing and over cleaning.
  • Over-production of oil from the glands in the skin.
  • Hormonal imbalances and/or too many male hormone in both males and females of any age.
  • A diet dominated by processed foods containing sugar and fats and devoid of nutrients.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Fatty Liver from regular alcohol consumption.
  • Sluggish lymphatic circulation often associated with lack of exercise and lifestyle habits.

Why use Natural treatment – How We Help!

  • Herbal prescriptions are tailor-made for each person taking into account the whole health picture.
  • Natural therapy treats the underlying cause which comes from below the surface of the skin.
  • Herbal washes and creams help nourish, heal and protect skin when they avoid harmful preservatives and fillers.
  • We can help correct the negative effects of previous health treatments and dietary habits.

We ‘re offer a Free Zinc Test (zinc is often a common deficiency in those suffering from acne.)

Did you Know? A medical herbalist and naturopath…

  • Has access to over 200 liquid herbs that can be blended together to promote digestion and liver function, balance hormones, lift mood and underlying systemic infections, all in one bottle.
  • Will investigate your previous dietary history and offer guidance on healthy food choices, prescribe specific nutritional supplements that are commonly associated with nutritional deficiencies and promote detoxification and elimination through the liver, bowel, kidneys and the skin.
  • Provides guidance on how to heal acne, including appropriate mild, non-drying, cleansing and moisturising of the skin using specific natural skincare products
  • Will give specific tips on how to limit the pain from pimples using specific herbal topical application that help you resist the urge to squeeze, scratch or pick that result in scarring and spreads skin infections.
  • Recommends suitable makeup and sunscreens to treat and cover skin, and encouraging the removal at night of all heavy preparations to allow your skin breath and discharge waste.

Dr.Haushcka Skin Care for oily and problematic skin

 Clarifying Face Care Kit

for oily, blemished and combination skin

This special selection is aimed at skin conditions that are yearning for balance – enjoy a little harmonising care.  daily-face-care-kit-for-oily-impure-skin


10 ml Cleansing Cream

10 ml Clarifying Toner

5 ml Clarifying Day Oil

5 ml Melissa Day Cream

10 ml Clarifying Steam Bath

10 g Clarifying Clay Mask

5 ml Revitalising Mask

For long term results, make an appointment with a Bodywise medical herbalist and naturopath. Treatment over the counter will not cover your unique health requirements. Healing the body and therefore the acne can take a few months.  


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