Lift your mood

Lift your mood from SAD to Glad
Feelings of irritability, low mood and depression make life difficult for all ages and stages of life. You may benefit from herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to lift your mood and general well-being. 
People who need a mood lift often experience chronic health problems, are tired and stressed. Growing children and teenagers, pregnant and breastfeeding women also experience low mood. If you often miss a daily dose of sunshine you will likely experience low mood, known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD. If this sounds like you, you could do with a Vitamin D3 and a herbal mood lifter.
From our herbal dispensary at Bodywise we tailor make bottles of herbs that can lift your mood and treat mild to moderate depression . Come in to Bodywise, tell us what is going on for you and we will find the best way forward to lift your spirits.
Here are a couple of aides for you to get your  winter glow on
Vitamin D3
Depending which country you live in, the daily dose of Vitamin D3 is still being debated. The latest advice recommends between 1000-5000 iu’s daily for adults. For children and babies the does varies. For pregnant and breast feeding mothers it is very important to supplement with Vitamin D3 for her and baby’s teeth, bone, and general health.  The forn your Vitamin D3 comes in can also make a difference to how much you absorb so do discuss this with us. For more info read this article:
St John’s Wort
You may have heard of chemicals in our brain called dopamine, serotonin and GABA. These happy chemicals get us up and glowing. When we are chronically tired, sad and depressed our happy chemicals (and others) become depleted
The ancient herb St John’s Wort can be as useful in lifting depression as conventional anti-depressants. This herb combines well with other herbs and supplements to lift depression and reduce anxiety and irritabilityYou will be back to your happy self sooner than you might expect.
We look forward to meeting you at Bodywise. Our naturopath will find the best nutrients and herbs to have you glowing and healthy again.

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