Can the moon affect our body and mind?

The idea that the lunar cycle can affect people’s behaviour dates back thousands of years.

If the moon can exert potent effects on our seas, wildlife and plants what can it do to people, their mood, mental health, sleep and cells? Right now, the data is not definitive.Full moon in Nelson

However one study has reported that in the days before a full moon, people go to sleep later in the evening and sleep for shorter periods of time. May be that is why do not wake refreshed? Another study suggests women are more effected than men. In another some people with a Bi-polar may become more manic than ususal.

Could it be that the patterns observed are an adaptation that allowed our ancestors to take advantage of this natural source of night light. More research is needed.

So if you notice changes with your mind and body, its helpful to know that they will pass as our circadian rhythms change within each day and throughout the lunar cycles and seasons.

If symptoms such as water retention, mood and sleep changes or anything else are problematic we can offer a herbal tonic to help your restore normal balance.