Allery to pollen may change your thinking

The pollen season in upon us again and an allergy to pollen may affect your brain function and your thinking

What happens to get such horrid exhausting symptoms.

Firstly you are out and about enjoying life until that fine layer of pollen you touch and breath stimulates your immune system to over-react. Potential allergens such as food, pollen, insects, chemicals, medications and very occasionally herbs and supplements, (just being honest), stimulate our immume system to produce Ig E antibodies that attach to mast cells in tissues releasing chemicals like histamine. What follows are the symptoms of swelling, redness, itching, fatigue, muscle pain, aggravation of asthma and eczema and brain fog.

Allergies are strongly linked to nutritionally poor and processed foods that create a ‘Leaky gut’ or Intestinal permeability. Repairing and nourishing the digestive tract lining is vitally important for a healthy immune system.

Herbal and nutritional solutions for acute and chronic treatment include:

  • Nettles – strengthen mucus membranes
  • Chamomile – stimulates digestion, counters Ig E, calms the nervous system, acts as an anti-inflammatory and aids digestive healing
  • Liquorice – supports adrenal function, is an anti-inflammatory and a bronchodilator
  • Slippery elm and aloe vera juice soothe the lining of the digestive tract  
  • Glutamine and glucosamine enhances healing of the digestive lining
  • Quercitin, rutin and hesperidin bioflavonoids are all powerful antioxidants
  • Probiotics enhance the good bacteria which can help with your immunity
  • Dr.Hauschka Ice Plant for irritated skin

We will make a herbal combination specific to your needs,  and there are many quality options in tablet or capsule that  combine many of these ingredients available right now at Bodywise