Relief from symptoms of menopause

Is your climate changing?

The years leading up to and beyond menopause can be really difficult for many women and relief from those symptoms is life changing.

While you continue to work, look after elderly parents and teenagers, maintain careers and personal relationships, you  may find your grip on reality is slipping.  There are scientifically researched herbs and specific supplements that can help you regain balance, get more sleep and during this huge change in your life.

Our Naturopaths have been helping women find relief from the tiredness associated with hot flushes, mood changes,  insomnia and weight gain associated with menopause for decades!

If you have been struggling with this huge change in your life natural medicine might just be the answer.

We prescribed specific herbal medicines to meet your needs from our herbal dispensary.  Give your self some time to come in and we will get you back to feeling more balanced and postive about this massive change of life.  Our scientifically researched herbal medicines and nutritional supplements are chosen to meet your individual needs.

View menopause as a time for positive change. 

For a cool transition through menopause read this article 


If we can be of help please visit us and talk our herbalist and naturopath or book a consultation.



  • Not all herbs on the market are what they say they are. Purchasing herbs that come from trusted suppliers is very wise.
  • People with liver disorders should consult a health care provider/naturopath before taking herbal products.
  • Anyone who develops symptoms of liver trouble, such as abdominal swelling, dark urine, or jaundice, should stop using it and consult a health care provider.