How can I lift my mood during winter?

With short days upon us in winter we may need a lift.

Help may come from the essential bone-building nutrient, vitamin D3 that plays a role in regulating your immune system, balancing mood and circadian rhythms.

Many people don’t get enough vitamin D,  because they routinely wear sunblock, spend most of the day indoors, have darker skin, or live up in the northern or southern regions on mother earth.

Those who cannot eat a quality diet (for any reason), or consume a mostly processed food are particularly vulnerable. The elderly living indoors all day are also in need of a daily dose.

Our Lipsomal Vitamin D3 formulas help you meet your daily needs in a form that is readily absorbed by the body. Talk to us about the dose best for you and if you should get a blood test.

If your mood and feelings of overwhelm are getting you down a little herbal mood up-lifter can make each day feel brighter.

Talk to us anytime.