What to do about stress and burnout

Stress , burnout, exhaustion and fatigue are way to common producing a physical and psychological burden that significantly impacts day-to-day lives, work and home life.

At Bodywise, our role is to recognise the differences between physical and psychological fatigue in each person by coming to know the underlying drivers of each persons’ burnout and fatigue.

Using well researched treatments and health plans we can formulate safe individualised treatment plans for lasting relief from burnout. This includes children, teens and those on medications.

Naturopathic strategies look at all body systems (immune, hormonal, digestive, skeletal etc) and how they are functioning individually, and how your life events and lifestyle are affecting you.

This may include asking you to get blood tests for common nutrient deficiencies, hormonal levels, and general blood work.

Our herbalist can then provide combinations of liquid herbs, powdered or tableted herbal and nutritional therapies. For some we will suggest a consultation, however we always work to help anyone no matter what they can afford either in time or financially.

And, if you are pregnant or breast feeding we have safe herbs that can help restore energy and mood and productivity.

Come on in and we will advise a strategy to recover energy and well-being