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Wellness, Isn’t that what we all aspire to! From weight loss to general health, wellness can be within the reach of nearly all of us! For some that means maintaining optimum health and wellbeing while for others wellness means managing chronic health issues while engaging in and enjoying family, friends, work, leisure and recreation.
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Natural makeup workshop to help you create the look you love

We had a great night with Poppy a special makeup artist. It was so successful that we are looking forward […]
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Ways to relieve the symptoms prevent relapse of shingles

Shingles is not fun and can become a far more serious condition than chicken pox. The good news is that from our Bodywise Herbal […]
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Love your Dr.Hauschka Make Up and Skincare

Treasure your skin care and makeup with these top tips from Dr.Hauschka Unopened cosmetics stored correctly, can stay fresh and […]
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Yoga for lunch?

28 July 2016
Join us upstairs at Bodywise for yoga and lunch, on Wednesdays to lift your energy and release the stress in […]
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Applying Herbatint as a temporary hair colour

21 July 2016
Helpful Hints On Applying Herbatint as a temporary hair colour When applying Herbatint for the first time, make sure to […]
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Herbs for injuries, sports injuries

Sports injures – help is at hand We all know of hot and cool packs for our bruised and sore […]
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Exasperated by winter coughs, croup and asthma – herbs to the rescue!

Exasperated by winter coughs, croup and asthma – herbs to the rescue at Bodywise. Many parents feels helpless when faced […]
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Welcome to our heart warming newsletter for Bodywise people

1 July 2016
To all our Bodywise community, winter, even if more mild this year, is time to promote our circulation to keep well […]
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Take lunch outside to improve work performance

Be Bodywise: Reduce stress, improve work performance and health by taking lunch outside. Are you tempted to eat lunch at […]
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How Your Food Is Cooked Affects Your Health – Eat More Raw!

How Your Food Is Cooked Affects Your Health – Eat More Raw! We constantly hear about food sensitivities, alkaline foods, […]
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Creating the life you want

What we think is what we become.  The on going chatter we all have within our mind can make or […]
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Indigestion is not a life sentence

Love your gut by being honest about what you eat Heartburn or indigestion can be painful and people are encouraged to take drugs […]
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Kennel Cough removed with Pertussin

Gorgeous doggy, Paddington Bear cured of kennel cough by a homeopathic remedy from Bodywise His lovely mother took Paddington to […]
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Stevia Leaf – Natures answer for a sweet tooth

Bodywise stocks Stevia Leaf – Natures answer for a sweet tooth Is there another plant on our earth like Stevia? Well […]
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How to reduce stress, be Bodywise

At Bodywise we encourage you to be kind to your body & soul by reducing stress Stress is the most often […]
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Best quality fish oils supplements

Only the best quality fish oil supplements at Bodywise Are you taking the best quality fish oils supplements available. Beware the […]
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Keep your New Year’s resolutions by getting lots of sleep

Greetings to all from Bodywise, we trust 2015 is going to offer great health and fulfilling fun, work and community. […]
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Say Goodbye to Acne

There are natural ways to heal your skin that you may not have heard about! A healthy skin’s normal function […]
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