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Wellness, Isn’t that what we all aspire to! From weight loss to general health, wellness can be within the reach of nearly all of us! For some that means maintaining optimum health and wellbeing while for others wellness means managing chronic health issues while engaging in and enjoying family, friends, work, leisure and recreation.


Vitamin D for mothers and babies and everyone else

Now is the time of the year to start taking vitamin D for me, you and everyone else from babies to the […]
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Time for a spring clean and detox

Are you up for a spring clean and detox for your mood and wellbeing? We grow, mature in spring and […]
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Remedies for swollen Adenoids, enlarged Tonsils and Glue Ear

Swollen adenoids and enlarged tonsils are way too common in children leading to snoring, poor sleep, and further immune problems […]
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Reflux is no joke!

Many of us have regretted overeating late at night or drinking too much when it results in a night of […]
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Heart warming herbs for cold hands and feet

Heart warming herbs can be so helpful during the coldest of months to help promote circulation to our cold hands […]
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Flexi-Breathe for healthy lungs

Natural support for chest & lung health. Flexi-Breathe Lemon & Ginger Syrup, Try this tasty, effective and natural support for […]
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Taurine – the established benefits for energy, repair and mood

Taurine is a great benefit for good health Discovered in the 1800s Taurine has been added to processed foods, and […]
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How to spot the difference between real and fake natural cosmetic

Look for a logo from an independent organic certifying body. The labels that matter in New Zealand and Australia are: […]
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Chronic bladder infections may be minimised with herbal and nutritional medicine

For many women, some men, the elderly and even our pets, their daily lives are a struggle due to chronic […]
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Relief from Post Viral Fatigue

You are not alone if you are experiencing fatigue & need relief from Post Viral Fatigue & other symptoms. Symptoms generally include poor energy, sluggish thinking and detoxification, increased inflammation & mood changes.
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What’s Up? Haemorrhoids

They are painful, itchy and sometimes may result in the need for surgery if not viewed as part of a […]
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Covid Update

7 March 2022
Operating in Red – We are open for in person or contactless purchases and consultations Please understand we wish for […]
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Glutathione a powerful antioxidant for health

Glutathione is one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants and is critical for maintaining good health and slowing the effects […]
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Mother and Baby Health Care

7 January 2022
Mother and baby health care is a high priority for us at Bodywise – we can help you with the […]
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Life in Orange at Bodywise

6 December 2021
Bodywise attracts a wide variety folk from all walks of life and that goes for our team as well.  Individually, […]
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Relief for menopause with herbs and supplements

Make Menopause a Cool Transition Firstly – grab a drink and settle somewhere quiet to get acquainted with our take […]
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Dietary and lifestyle advice for women young and old

Dietary Advice for women young and old Supplements are just that. They do not replace a highly nutritious plant-based diet. […]
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Covid Alert Level 2 at Bodywise – how we are working

15 October 2021
Many of you will have noticed we are operating on a 1 in 1 out policy As we have a […]
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