Long Live Healthy Men

On average, men are living longer but generally do not outlive their women.  Many health issues facing men in their middle years are preventable, so long as the early warning signs are acted upon before becoming either acute or chronic health problems. Men need to believe that this is a valuable use of their time and money and an investment in the future quality of life.

At Bodywise we are supportive of men and boys who wish to engage in a healthier lifestyles and treatment programmes. We encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties in all men and boys. Men who enjoy looking after themselves are great role models for their boys.

While many men want a quick fix we encourage them to talk just a little about what is going on even when we get the “what is there to talk about? … “. We can then work out an appropriate treatment programme, using what Bodywise has to offer and other health professionals as needed.

Not surprisingly, the current economic recession has had a huge impact upon men’s (and women’s) work load, job security, status, income, spending, lifestyle, debt, sense of security and health.  Meanwhile the role and expectations of father’s have expanded and all these challenges add up. A sense of too little spare time may hamper the exercise and activities needed to discharge all the stress and keep fit.

Depression in males, young to old is becoming more apparent.  Men may not be aware that how they are feeling is both real and a sign their whole being is under pressure. The next step is how to ask for support and where to find it and this may feel both too difficult and an imagined sign of weakness.

Adolescent and young men, who consume alcohol and drugs recklessly, are generally at risk of showing signs of depression, fatigue and health issues. For them to be able to help themselves they somehow need to feel that they can call for help. There some wonderful supplements for lifting feelings of indifference or outright depression and anxiety like Valerian, St John’s Wort and L-theanine to name but a few.

By middle aged men may have woken up to find that their get up and go is not what it used to be and the pressures of family and work are getting on top of them. This stress may be compounded by marginal nutritional difficulties, weight gain and lack of fitness.  As symptoms associated with genetics and lifestyle emerges now is the time to take stock and look at the bigger picture and a holistic approach to the wellbeing. This is where the natural health perspective addresses the whole physiology and wellbeing.

We look forward to seeing you at Bodywise with any concerns you have or you can send a message to us if you have a question

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