Applying Herbatint as a temporary hair colour

Helpful Hints On Applying Herbatint as a temporary hair colour

When applying Herbatint for the first time, make sure to use the whole mixture and cover all the hair. This will ensure even coverage. For applying Herbatint on previously tinted hair just apply to the re-growth at the roots but take through to the ends for the last 5- 10 minutes only if you feel hair colour has faded. Avoid putting colour through to the ends every time you re-colour or you will get a build up of colour over time.

How to use Herbatint as a ‘Quasi’ or ‘Demi’ result which lasts 16 – 18 washes. Not recommended to cover grey but it is an ideal way for first time users to experiment without having long lasting results.

Mix: 30 mls Herbatint 15 mls Normalising Shampoo 15 mls Glycol Developerherbatint hair colours

Apply colour to hair that has been shampooed and towel dried. Leave to process for 20 -25 minutes before shampooing off.

Why it’s important to use the correct shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with the colouring process. 

The Normalising Shampoo should be used as part of the colouring process as it has been formulated to neutralise and halt further oxidisation. The Royal Cream Conditioner has also been formulated to close the cuticles on the hair shaft and seal in the colour. Whilst the cuticle remains open hair could feel coarse and porous.