May your eyes sparkle above your mask

Beautiful eyes are really making their mark now we live with a mask on.

Here are some tips on eye make-up for those who wear glasses from Dr Hauschka


Glasses make the eyes appear bigger and closer to the nose so the impact of makeup is more intense.  Choose eyeshadow in muted, darker colours and avoid bright, shimmering shades. The Eye & Brow Palette is ideal. Use graduated shading to draw the eyes further away from the nose: A brighter colour on the inner eyelid and a darker colour on the outer eyelid to stretch the eye outwards. Use Liquid Eyeliner in black or brown. Do not over-apply Mascara to your lashes, instead apply Defining Mascara subtly.


Glasses make the eyes appear smaller.  Use bright, shimmering eyeshadow colours to make them look larger. A boldly applied, bright or shimmery Eyeshadow on the entire lid works well. Define your eyes with Eye Definer on the upper lashes only and extend the line beyond the eye in a flick to make it appear larger.  Avoid applying too much Mascara or Eye Definer on the bottom lashes as it will make the eyes appear smaller. Applying a bright Eyeshadow shade under the lower lash line can also help make eyes look larger and Eye Definer 00 nude on the lower inner eyelid opens the eye optically. Finish with a generous application of Volume Mascara on the upper lashes.

Glasses with progressive lenses

As glasses with progressive lenses do not change the eyes optically, all eye makeup products are suitable.

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