Take lunch outside to improve work performance

Are you tempted to eat lunch at your desk, take the briefest of breaks or not take a lunch break at all? You are not alone. Yet if you take lunch outside to improve work performance you will also have improved your health all round

However this habit may actually hinder your health and work performance while taking a break can actually enhance your creativity, work output and health. At Bodywise we remind those who are in paid employment that they are entitled under NZ law to take proper lunch break. For everyone else we actively encourage everyone to prioritise this selfcare.

Humans need a constant supply of energy to function optimally. The best power-lunch should include all three major food groups – carbs (yes carbs) from vegetables and/or whole grains; a protein such as lean meat, eggs, beans or nuts; and a healthy fat like olive oil or avocado. Carbohydrate is the brain’s primary fuel, however protein and fat have distinct roles helping our brains to think straight as well. For ions these food groups have literally fuelled our brains from infants to old age. Cold spicey beef salad taken for lunch at work

There are many other work performance advantages to stepping away from your computer and going outside. Some fresh air, sunshine and a walk will improve mood, stimulate circulation and metabolism, release tension in your muscles and those of your eyes involved in staring at a computer screen. This time out will even reduce your stress hormones that can keep us on edge and awake at night. Even getting close to a window along fresh air will help. So a break in a green space with some sunshine to get some Vitamin D is the natural habitat for humans.

the best of summer taste and nutrition

So make an appointment with yourself, and maybe a friend or work colleague and head for the great outdoors.

For time efficiency, make an extra meal at dinner, place straight into a container to become a soup or salad for the following day. No cueing, starchy bread or expensive lunches need to be endured any more.

You will return refreshed ready to be creative, productive and at your best.