Best quality fish oils supplements

Only the best quality fish oil supplements at Bodywise

Are you taking the best quality fish oils supplements available. Beware the cheap ones are cheap for a reason!

This week the media publicised research from Auckland university that have exposed the problems with the lack of regulations around fish oil supplements and the poor quality of the bulk fish oils on the market in NZ and Australia.

Thankfully there are a few brands that are in a class of their own being the best quality fish oil supplements with regard to quality, freshness and potency. Our first pick is…

Nordic Naturals have:

  • A patented nitrogen technology on their fishing boats – this ensures that the fish are in an oxygen –free environment when caught. They use this process throughout the manufacturing and packaging.
  • They use small boats that are back within hours
  • Immediate processing of the fish
  • NN fish oils are so good that they are used in many clinical studies – studies are on NO.15

This link also talks about Nordic Naturals processing

The Nordic Natural Brand – has many specialist products and we can provide the best advice on the best value for your individual needs.

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