Lift your mood this winter

Rise from SAD to Glad this winter
As we head to the shortest day of the year you like others may not be feeling very happy and need healthy aides to lift your mood and spirit.
Feelings of irritability, glumness and depression make life difficult. These feelings are enhanced in those already prone to depression, post natal depression and other mood difficulties. However it’s not all in the head. Others with chronic health problems, or who are growing; pregnant women,  growing babies, children and teens, and those who are overtired and stressed may all feel out of sorts. So if you regularly miss a good dose of sunshine and for those who live in southern New Zealand you are likely to be effected by seasonal affective disorder or SAD.
Here are a couple of aides for you to get your  winter glow on
Vitamin D3
Dosing of Vitamin D3 is still being debated but the latest advice recommends between 1000-3000 iu daily for adults. For children and babies the does varies. If you are a pregnant or breast feeding Mum, its very important that you supplement for you and your baby’s teeth and bone health and general wellbeing.  See this article:
St John’s wort
You may have heard of chemicals in our brain called dopamine, serotonin and GABA. These happy chemicals get us up and glowing. When we are chronically over tired, sad and depressed our happy chemicals (and others) may be depleted. Seasonal effects from a lack of sunlight and winter can be one of the contributing factors resulting in feeling down.

Another great addition to our winter mood lift is St John’s Wort. This ancient herb may lift these happy hormones and combine well with other herbs to address low mood, anxiety irritability and depression.

Please come into Bodywise and we will do our best to find the most supportive nutrients and herbs to have you glowing and healthy right through Winter.