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in the Montgomery Square, Nelson where the Saturday Market is held.

Bodywise herbal dispensary and natural  has proudly served our community for the last 24 years, helping people feel and look healthy and beautiful.

 Are you ready to act on those lingering desires to regain health with a natural approach to health and beauty!

If so, then we are ready to help you to lift your energy and get well again using lifestyle tips and dietary principles based on the latest research, along with herbs and supplements to enhance your health.

Drop-in for a mini consult at the herbal dispensary or book a private consultation.

Your naturopath and herbalist’s job is to have you feeling better as quickly as possible and to prevent health problems from reoccurring. The aim is to treat the acute symptoms, and also the underlying cause of your disease or health problems.

Many of the wellness programs we individually prescribe involve dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of natural medicines and supplements. While we endeavour to do the best possible for health problems over the counter, a consultation is the most effective way to return you to improve health and a sense of well being for long term chronic issues.

With a private consultation we can prescribe practitioner only brands: Phytomed, Metagenics, Bioceuticals, Medi Herb, Medi Enhance, BioTrace and more. With over 200 herbs and a variety of professional range supplementary products available in the dispensary, our registered herbalists are able to provide individual herbal treatments for our customers.

Your beauty and skincare is also important, and choosing the best topical creams and makeup is important for your wellbeing and appearance. We proudly offer the very natural Dr.Hauschka skincare and makeup to enhance your natural beauty and the quality of your skin.

We courier anywhere in NZ, so phone or email with your query.

Get to know our qualified medical herbalist and naturopath

The healing properties of herbs have been used by humans for over 3000 years and approximately seventy five percent of the world’s population still relies on traditional plant use in medical treatment. Herbs can work in a unique way to correct imbalances and enhance the body’s ability to maintain good health.

Bridget our naturopath prepares herbal medicine
This is Bridget McCormick, who has a 3 year health science degree specialising in naturopathy and herbal medicine. After 3 years at Bodywise, Bridget has extensive clinical experience as our resident medical herbalist and naturopath. Get to know Bridget

We highly recommend a unique combination of liquid herbs from our herbal dispensary, prescribed to treat the acute symptoms and also the chronic underlying health problems.

  • Herbal medicines are safe to use and are rarely associated with any side effects. Many can be safely to use during pregnancy, for babies and children and the elderly. Herbal medicine combines well with other medications when  prescribed by professionally trained medical herbalists.

In complicated situations and as a result of the professional opinion of our practitioners, a private consultation may be recommended before prescribing from the herbal dispensary. With your agreement they would book a consultation at Bodywise for you.


Visit our herbal dispensary today and talk to our naturopath and medical herbalist Bridget about your health.