Too stiff to touch your toes

As we age and with a lack of exercise we might find ourselves wishing we could touch our toes again.

We may experience stiffness that is worse during winter months when it’s colder outside and it takes more time to get up and going.

Stiffness of our muscles and joints may be as a result of a lack of movement, nutrient deficiencies or inflammation. Muscles become stiff when a muscle or a group of muscles stay contracted or partly contracted for an extended period. The brain continues to send nerve signals telling the muscle to contract even when the muscle is no longer needed for movement.

Movement such as walking, exercise programmes, yoga, swimming and dancing are all great ways to keep the signals firing up to the brain and avoid muscle rigidity.

Sedentary behaviour such as sitting at a desk all day could also contribute to stiff and achy muscles. Standing up, walking around, doing a few squats and stretching every hour will do your body (and mind!) wonders.

As well as movement there are a handful of nutrients that will assist your body to limber up.

Here are our top tips after getting up and moving:

  • Minerals to relax the muscles
  • Anti-inflammatory and warming effects of herbs like turmeric and ginger
  • Supplementation of Collagen to strengthen the muscles, ligament and tendons
  • A good quality omega 3 oil
  • Vitamin C a powerful anti-oxidant and skin repair nutrient

Of course ensuring you are getting quality sleep and a balanced diet will also have you doing downward dog in no time.

For more information come and see us and we will help you touch your toes again!