The less well known cause of high blood pressure

Good heart health is vital to your overall health. We are going to discuss the hidden causes of hypertension (high blood pressure) and what you can do to reduce it.

Cardiovascular health relates to heart and blood vessels that provide a strong blood supply to all our organs, brain and soft tissues.

Monitoring our lifestyle and stress levels can have a profound effect on our heart and a healthy blood pressure.

A healthy heart maintains everything from normal blood pressure and brain function, to sleep and skin quality. Your blood pumps nutrients, oxygen and water around your body, as well as supporting your immune system and transporting the body’s messenger chemicals such as hormones. Its one busy organ.

Your heart is also affected by your emotional reactions to both acute and chronic stress.  The more on edge we are the more our heart has to work. Prolonged stress and repressing our emotions can not be avoided to some extent. However being aware of how you are feeling, finding solutions can make a big difference to your health

Here are some easy cardio health tips to squeeze into your already busy day. 

  • Eat your colourful veges and small amounts of fruit, and stay away from brown and processed foods. At dinner, while you serve meals, put one meal aside in a container for lunch the next day. You will get all the lovely food you know is good for your health. Temptations for junk are avoided
  • Reduce your alcohol intake, simply there is no safe limit! Alcohol creates inflammation in your brain and body. If you think you cannot reduce is it time to really think about how it may be impacting your wellbeing?
  • Exercise in any way that makes you lightly or moderately puffed for 30 minutes daily. Exercise reduces blood pressure risks, pumps oxygen right out to your skin and toes. Exercise reduces your appetite, helps to control insulin resistance and weight gain. Vitaly, exercise helps maintain healthy muscles by revitalizing each cells powerhouse – the mitochondria. Exercise also reduces stress accumulated in our bodies and give us a wee endorphin blast. Endorphins make us feel happy!

Most importantly –

For many folk day to day living is a rollercoaster of emotions. While some people easily share their emotions, too many of us have been conditioned to hide our feelings to the point of repression. Long term this can have a negative effect on our health in general and blood pressure. If you wish to learn more here is a link to research on this subject.

Take time out – Bring down time into your day.

Get off technology if possible (especially in the evenings), make a date with nature (without your phone), do you best to address your relationship issues (get help and ideas from anyone who you trust) Get social in places and with people who uplift you. Find out who can help you sort issues.

Hawthorn leaf and berries for heart health
Hawthorn leaf and berries for heart health

If you are at risk of high blood pressure you can do all of the above anytime, everyday.

You can also get support from a great variety of herbs to reduce your reactions to stress, insomnia, inflammation, and support hormones and cardiac health.

Conventional medicine can be essential for some people with high blood pressure.  The good news is that you are advised to address all the above at the same time. Another aspect is the effect from blood pressure treatments on your mood. You may want to check this out.

If in doubt and you don’t know where to start – do come in, with some time on your side and have a chat to anyone of us at Bodywise, we will give you a heads up on where to start.


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