Relief from Post Viral Fatigue

Post Viral Fatigue

You are not alone if you are experiencing fatigue and need relief from Post Viral Fatigue and other symptoms

Symptoms generally include poor energy, sluggish thinking and detoxification, increased inflammation and mood changes.

The good news is that our naturopaths have been helping our Nelson community with post-infection fatigue for nearly two decades . Our naturopath and herbalsit will use herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to reduce fatigue and restore energy . Post Viral Fatigue and associated symptoms may gently reduced when looked at from a naturopathic and holistic perspective

Few of us can take the time off work to seriously rest up after an infection. We may be left wondering where our energy has gone and if these new complaints or symptoms will ever leave. This is where herbal medicine and certain nutritional supplements come in.

For some, pre-existing health problems and nutritional deficiencies, life style stressors and lack of sleep, digestive complaints and low grade infections can leave us more prone to infection and prolonged symptoms

You may identify with some of these symptoms :

  • Sleepiness and or problems sleeping
  • Headache, blurry vision and dizziness
  • Sore and weak muscles
  • Palpitations or sinking feelings in the chest
  • Exertion creates a weakness,
  • Impaired hand-to-eye coordination
  • Appetite loss or craving sweet foods
  • Sluggish digestion
  • Reduced immune system function
  • Low motivation/loss of ambition
  • Impaired concentration, decision-making and memory
  • Moodiness, such anxiety, overwhelm, weepiness or depression
  • Impaired immune function

Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements may reduce post viral fatigue

  • Assisting our bodies normal detoxification process
  • Reducing lingering infections and inflammatory activity
  • Targeted nutritional supplementation
  • Enhancing mood and energy using herbal medicine
  • Activity and lifestyle advice

Do get in touch or drop by with some time on your side and we will create a plan to get well again.