Why use a primer before sunscreen

We all need a good sunscreen when out and about, however we wonder if sunblock directly on your face everyday is good for you. A good “primer” will give you a level of both protection and preparation for makeup or sunscreen

Skincare and Makeup Primer benefits:       
  • gives a smooth surface for foundation
  • minimises large pores
  • helps with a shinny appearance
  • hydrates and calms inflammation
  • helps your foundation and sunscreen stay on longer
Start by cleansing and toning as part of your morning routine, then apply the following:
  • a suitable moisturiser such as a Dr.Hauschka’s day creams, Weleda’s Skin Food, a Plantae’s biogrow certified moisturiser
  • follow with a layer of the Colour Correcting Powder (see above) or Foundation (if you plan to use one)
  • lastly add your sunblock and we love Coola (the tube version have no nasties) or Andalou SPFs especially for the face.
To enhance you skin/s renewal at night, always use a gentle cream cleanser and a light moisturising serum instead of a heavy cream at night to allow your skin to breathe and detox.



Oasis, Alba, Coola