Choose A Sunscreen Free From Harmful Ingredients

Using a sunscreen that’s free from harmful ingredients is as important as using any other body product, particularly for babies and kids. 

In the common sunscreen, there are preservatives and liquids that can react with sunlight, that can cause skin irritation and induce cell changes.

While switching to a natural, non-toxic sunscreen can be a new experience (liquid consistencies and finish to the skin can differ from what you’re used to) they do protect you from the sun when applied as directed – without the dangers of toxic ingredients.

It only takes 45 seconds for substances to be absorbed into our blood stream through the skin, meaning that the nano particles, synthetic chemicals and fragrances in common sunscreens are all dangerous when applied in large amounts and often.

Watch out for…

  • Nanoparticles such as Oxybenzone and Paba synthetic oestrogenic chemicals. These penetrate the sin and can disrupt normal endocrine (hormonal) function.
  • Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). Coating your skin in this has been linked to causing tumors and lesions on the skin to develop sooner.Vitamin A is best applied before bed in the naturally occurring form of betacarotene, which is within the oils used in Dr.Hauschka’s skincare.
  • Sprays and powders. You’re more at risk of inhaling particles sunscreens in these forms, which is dangerous for your lungs.
  • Added insect repellant. This addition is often more toxins. Use separate natural products with an essential oil base.
  • Wearing SPF above 50+. Don’t be mislead – wearing such a high protection level can mean you spend more time in the sun, and suppress sunburn but not other kinds of skin damage. It’s better to cover up after the day’s burn time. It’s better to cover up after the day’s burn time and use an aftersun gel such as aloe vera, or Dr.Hauschka’s After Sun to help heal any crispy skin.

Look for products…

  • Containing Zinc, Titanium dioxide and products that state they are nanoparticle free. These products sit on the skin, instead of penetrating the cells and will give effective cover for UVA and UVB rays.
  • Creams (not sprays or powders). As mentioned above this is too avoid inhalation.
  • Broad spectrum SPF 20-30, and water resistant while swimming and sweating.

We primarily recommend covering up the skin as primary protection, especially under NZ’s weak ozone layer. And when you must, use a sunscreen that does not contain harmful ingredients. Re-apply your chosen natural sunscreen (and insect repellent if required) every 2-3 hours, and immediately after swimming.

But which natural sunscreen brand should you choose?

No matter the sunny occasion, at Bodywise we have the perfect natural sunscreen for you and all your family members.

These are our nano-particle free recommendations for any family member and occasion, which use minimal preservatives and healthy oils to moisturise, protect and keep the skin healthy and radiant.

Sunscreen For Babies, Kids And Teens

Green People

Organic and water friendly, Green People Sunscreen has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, is free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances suitable for sensitive skin and prickly heat (when sweat gets trapped in your pores, causing itching and little blisters). This means it’s a great option for the kiddie winks and, really, anyone with sensitive skin.


A fantastic natural alternative for babies as well as the whole family, Oasis Sun SPF30+ Sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin, and comes in a family sized 500ml pump bottle for long weekend picnic days.

Oasis is also the perfect teens’ sports team sunscreen. Grab a large bottle for weekly practice and Saturday morning games.

Daily Sun Protection Under Makeup

Top skin specialists say to use a sunscreen on your face everyday, to prevent signs of aging. But if you’re smothering your delicate facial skin in toxic chemicals every day, what difference does really it make long term?



70%+ certified organic, vegan and cruelty free, Coola Suncare is a great option for either under makeup or on its own. For a shortcut, apply the tinted Coola sunscreen for moisturized skin. This leaves a luxurious matte finish, which is the perfect base for a little concealer and blush to finish a natural beauty look.




Heavy Duty Sun Care For Days At The Beach And Outdoor Activities


Soleo was innovatively formulated following Naturopathic principles, without the use of any chemical UV-absorbers, titanium dioxide, or synthetic preservatives. It’s water resistant, neutrally scented, has a low skin irritation factor, and contains natural, organic ingredients.


The natural coconut sunscreen from Eco Tan has a light-weight feel and a delicious tropical coconut scent. Jojoba oil, rosehip oil and Vitamin E nourish the skin whilst providing SPF 30+ UVA and UVB protection. Plus it’s up to 3 hours water resistant.

Some may find the finish of the clear product a little white (as the zinc sits on the skin), but if you are not to fussed about that (as you’re too busy having fun in the sun), it’s a fantastically protective product. If this does bother you, there is a tinted version, which actually gives your skin a lovely tanned glow (counteracting the potential white finish).

Natural Instinct

Natural Instinct products contains Zinc Oxide UV blockers to reflect harmful UV rays. It’s hydrating formula provides a broad UVA and UVB protection, and an invisible finish. It’s skin conditioning Jojoba Oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E help to replenish and deeply moisturise the skin.

Dr.Hauschka After Sun Care

Did you get burnt?

We know you do not wish to get sunburnt, and in case you do, try our wonderful After Sun lotion from Dr.Hauschka to heal painful skin.


Try Before You Buy!

Pop in store and check out all these fantastic products. We have testers so you can try on your own skin and see what feels and looks best for you and your family. Our friendly staff are extremely knowledgeable about natural sunscreens and will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

From the Bodywise Team xx

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