Chicken Pox – the many natural treatments on offer

Homeopathic and Herbal Medicines for Chicken pox

There has been a lot of talk about chicken pox lately, so thought it time to visit the amazing potential from the use of homeopathic and herbal medicines. We have used such as the following on used on babies, children, men and women over the last decade at Bodywise. They can reduce symptoms and complications. If in doubt always get the guidance of a qualified naturopath, homeopath and of course see you doctor.

Chickenpox starts with a few red spots or bumps that change into blisters or pimples, and then into open sores that form a crust. This eruption can be accompanied by fever and sores may occur in the mouth and genital area. The fever is usually directly related to the state of the rash: the bigger the rash, the higher the fever.

Those remedies below in capitals are the most commonly used homeopathic remedies

ACONITUM: This remedy should be considered at the initial stages of chickenpox when there is fever, restlessness, and increased thirst. Another remedy, Pulsatilla, is used at the onset when children may have a few spots but no obvious fever, but are very clingy, sensitive and off their food and drink.

Antimonium crud: Most striking characteristic of this remedy is the very irritable disposition, white coated tongue, and skin eruptions aggravated by exercise and warmth of bed, room or bathing/showering. The irritability is displayed as anger and short tempered behaviour. An adult may actually describe this internal sensation of extreme irritability, with or without a large skin eruption.

Apis: Children who have itching and stinging pox that is worse from heat and in warm rooms and better from cold and in cool rooms should be given this remedy, but without the irritable mood of Antimonium Crudum.

Belladonna: Chickenpox with severe headache, fever, flushed face, hot skin, and drowsiness with the inability to sleep well should be treated with this medicine.

RHUS TOX: This is the most common remedy for chicken pox. Children and adults experience intense itching, especially at night and from scratching. They are very restless and can have high fevers but not as intense as Belladonna.

Later Stages: While the remedies above can reduce the severity of symptoms, later during the course chicken pox, the vesicles (blisters) may became pussy, which, with some manuka oil and creams mention below, will clear and heal. If, however the patient becomes more unwell, feels quite toxic, tired, feverish, sweaty, and with a changeable temperature and metallic taste in the mouth, then homeopathic mercury is often the answer. At this point, it would be wise to check with a doctor and get guidance from a trained homeopath, as other remedies may be indicated.

In homeopathy the practitioner is always interested in finding out what was going on around the time a new pattern of dis-ease occurs. Abbreviated to NBWS – never been well since; when a patient has never been well since an infection such as chicken pox, or a vaccine, medication or chemical exposure, one of the potential remedies is always the homeopathic version of the cause of the problems. With chickenpox the remedy is homeopathic varicella. Again get advice from a homeopath.

Herbal tonics can be useful for their anti-viral actions, to reduce fever symptoms, aid healing and provide a lift after the illness has passed. Used for many centuaries herbs such as echinacea, willowbark, hypericum, melissa, thuja and pau d’arco are used to reduce symptoms and promote a healthy immune response during the acute stages and for post-viral fatigue.

Herbal Creams and lotions containing, calendula, chickweed, hypericum, turmeric and goldenseal can relieve itching and promote healing, especially when the spots, vesiciles appear in intimate places. Bathing can be very soothing providing it is not to hot. Add oats, made like a porridge, to reduce the itching. Apply creams afterwards, including the mouth or genital areas, always using gloves.  We have a variety creams and lotions all ready at Bodywise.

For specific homeopathic remedies and herbal tonic, get guidance from our Naturopath Bridget at Bodywise.

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