Reduce allergies and asthma from pollen

Reduce allergies and asthma

When conventional remedies aren’t enough to relieve allergies, hayfever and asthma, visit our naturopath at Bodywise Natural Health.

Factors that may trigger a reaction to an allergen include low general health, underlying autoimmune conditions, high stress levels, changing weather and seasons and are aggravated being out and about in windy weather.

Very effective herbs used traditionally and well researched, can ease lung congestion and loosen mucus, soothe irritated respiratory and nasal tracts and tissue around the eyes for all ages and stages in life, including pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.

How you can get relief from allergies

Very effective herbs used traditionally and recently researched can improve the immune reaction to allergens by reducing inflammation and therefore the amount of secretions in the airways. This also reduces the spasm in the airways allowing for mucous to be removed through sneezing and coughing.


What natural treatments are available?

You will return to health faster if your naturopath understands any underlying health problems, environmental causes, diet and lifestyle habits.

The principle behind herbal treatment for allergies is to strengthen the mucous membranes (inside your nose, mouth and airways) that come in contact with allergens such as pollens, cat fur, dry grasses.

Allergic reactions also arise in the digestive tract mostly to foods such as glutens, grains, dairy, soy and some a variety of fruits, vegetables, fish. We also need to consider toxic reactions to chemicals in and on our foods, work places, and even our homes.  Often seemly multiple allergies occur.

Food allergies can be reduced by improving digestion of food. Leaky gut is a condition where inflammation of the digestive tract occurs through contact with partially digested food, allowing proteins to cross from the gut into the circulation that can set up an immune response resulting in a food allergy. A leaking gut often manifests as pain and bloating with or without diarrhoea or constipation and signs may arise after eating.

There has be a huge surge in knowledge about how the digestive tract works. Herbal and nutritional medicine now plays major part in strengthening digestion and soothing the mucus membranes exposed to the external environment and gut and small intestine.  A tailor-made herbal mixture can relieve mild to severe allergic reactions safely and effectively.

Another interesting thought is that migraines, arthritis and muscle pain, menstrual pain and auto-immune disorders, mood disorders and fatigue may be aggravated by the external environment and when pollens are around. Most conditions listed above can be relieved with potent herbs and supplements over a period of months.

The best time to start treatment is before the pollen gets going. At home, shut all doors and windows when its windy, find out the local plants that may giving you hay fever or asthma. At the end of day put your clothes into the laundry, not bedroom. Wash your face and for adult use a nasal irrigation containing a weak saline solution and diluted chamomile tea to wash away nasal mucous.  Vacuum all signs of pollen and perhaps even dry clothes inside.


Useful herbs we use for allergies and asthma.

Chamomile is bitter (can taste nice) herb used as an anti-inflammatory to damaged tissue, reducing Ig-E production and to strengthen digestion. Chamomile can be consumed as a tea or tincture for internal use, applied to the skin for rashes or hives and used as an eyewash for hay fever affecting the eyes.

If you are feeling stressed, tired and depressed other herbs like Kava and Valerian can relax the nervous system while others support the energy and immune system like liquorice.

Sensitive mucus membranes are strengthened so they are less reactive to inhaled allergens can be soothed with nettles, agrimony, baical skullcap, marshmallow and more. When the immune system is over reactive (allergic reactions) other herbs can act as a quietening modulator.

Once again, there is no one prescription of herbs and supplements to fit all. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can easily and should be treated so that they can be the best mother they can be.

Come into see Bridget our Naturopath if you want relief from something tailored made just for you!