PMS in teen girls can be treated

We can use herbal medicine to relieve our teen girls of PMS and period pain A healthy menstrual cycle for women is the result of balanced hormones,  which in turn creates healthy skin, muscle and bone structure, lots of happy brain chemicals and emotions, and robust protection from all chronic disease. So whether you are …

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Vitex helps relieve premenstrual symptoms

The life changing herb Vitex has been used for generations in India and Europe and is the angel herb for calming and balancing hormonal problems in women and those teens, male or female who are prone to acne. Barely a day goes by when we are not offering Vitex. Vitex, also known as Vitex Agnes Castus or …

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Naturopathy and herbal medicine

Get to know our qualified medical herbalist and naturopath The healing properties of  naturopathy and herbal medicine have developed by humans for over 3000 years and approximately seventy five percent of the world’s population still relies on traditional plant use in medical treatment. A naturopath or medical herbalist will prescribe herbs to work together for each person correcting …

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