Homeopathy is much more than placebo!
The European Journal of Integrative Medicine, February 2014, presented the following: “Homoeopathy in the public health system: Outcome data from the Homoeopathic Clinic of the Campo di Marte Hospital, Lucca, Italy (1998–2010)

Data was reviewed from 2592 consecutive patients with a variety of clinical problems between 1998 and 2010. The most common symptoms concerned the respiratory tract(29.4%), digestive tract (17%) and dermatological (14.7%) diseases.

A total of 47% of patients reported major improvement or even resolution of their clinical picture; an extremely low percentage of treatment with no results (10%); and a negligible percentage of worsening (0.5%). The younger the age the more successful the therapy outcome (p<0.001) and longer treatment appeared to give better results (p<0.001).