Lockdown Update – Level 3

Hello Bodywise folk,

We are so looking forward to seeing your faces, mixing herbs and providing the services we can provide.

Aren’t we so thankful for all the hard work put in by so many people to make Level 3 happen.

So on Wednesday we are allowed to offer a collection of your products – we are very pleased about that.

This is how it works for us:
  • We continue to take your orders from our contact page and have your products ready to collect assuming we have them in stock. Alternatively we courier to you
  • If there are questions re the availability of your products we will contact you via email or phone to discuss other options if your favourite products are not available
  • We will invoice you by email for internet banking payment or you can pay by eftpos, see below
  • When you arrive the front door will be open but you will not be able to enter. we will be keeping an eye out for expected customers
  • Please be aware of others and practice social distancing
  • The QR Code will be available if you wish to use it
  • You can pay with your card by holding the card ( for a few moments ) up to the eftpos machine in the front window
  • Please do not touch the door or windows
  • We will place the products on a table in the doorway for you to collect – stand 2 metres back
  • Government regulations do not require us to wear a mask however we will while preparing herbal tonics. A we will be washing our hands, sanitizing  etc.
  • We can spray your products if you wish, let us know
  • Hours open from 11 – 3 for collections


We will try courier to you that day, if possible and if you send a screen shot of the bank payment for your purchases that will speed the process up.

Go well and many thanks for your email and support.

Sally and Bridget