How we reduce our environmental waste

We have significantly reduced our environmental waste at Bodywise

Finding places to recycle our waste packaging from Bodywise has been a long standing challenge, until now!

This is what we do to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • We prioritise brands that come in cardboard, glass and plastic coded as type 1 or 2 which can be recycled in nz.
  • Glass bottles containing herbal medicine are easily recycled, so you can return your cleaned bottle for reuse or place in your recycling.
  • Nearly all our suppliers use recycled boxes and packaging from used paper and cardboard. Recently biodegradable corn starch beads have been used as box fillers.
  • 99% of our printing is on the back of previously printed paper, and we use digital media in preference to flyers.
  • Our boxes go to the Food Bank and our plastic bubble wrap to the Salvation Army Store
  • Lastly, we keep a couple of little boxes handy for those who have forgotten to bring a bag or to courier products.

Reminder:  if you need a repeat of a herbal tincture, we can reuse your old bottle? Please put it through your dishwasher first and bring it in.

For more info on recycling go to: