Now is the time of the year to start taking vitamin D for me, you and everyone else from babies to the elderly.

Julia, our naturopath, always uses the Autumn Equinox as a reminder to start taking vitamin D now that the days are now getting shorter, and along with that, less sun exposure. And if you work or resided indoors for most of the year you will need Vitamin D all year round

Getting enough sun in Nelson to keep Vitamin D levels up over winter is not always easy. Being out in midday sun over the winter months, with enough skin exposed is important if you want to try and keep levels up naturally, however do make sure you are still protected if you are out for prolonged periods of time. Also, do not immediately go home after intentional exposure to the sun and shower as this washes away oils that absorb into the skin.

It can be a fine balance, especially if you work inside!

A 2018 study showed that out of 126 women and their babies tested in Otago, 65% of women and 76% of babies were deficient.

Vitamin D helps our immune system to function well, fighting off the ills and chills of winter and should be the first thing to think of if you notice you are getting sick more often over winter.

It also helps to regulate overactive immune systems. People who have autoimmune disease or skin complaints such as eczema do much better if their levels are higher than the average population.,after%20two%20years%20of%20supplementation.

Vitamin D is also very important for bone health. It works synergistically with vitamin K2 and magnesium to ensure calcium is stored in bones. We often recommend these three are taken together,. especially if our customers are at risk of osteoporosis.

For Dosing requirements: take at least 1 cap – 1000iu in the summer daily and 2 caps or 2000 iu from autumn to spring. For babies and children check with Bodywise for the dosing and options of capsules or liquid drops.

Are you up for a spring clean and detox for your mood and wellbeing?

We grow, mature in spring and summer, hopefully for decades, and then slow down into the autumn and winter of our lives. The seasons impact us in many ways for better and worse.

Spring is the beginning to grow, refresh and restore after winter and get ready for the adventures of summer.

Physically and psychologically, we are adapting to these seasonal challenges unconsciously unless they make us uncomfortable in some way.

The renewal of spring

Mood and body changes

Back in the darker shorter days of winter you may have experienced some doom and gloom. The symptoms of SAD resemble an energy-conserving strategy (Levitan, 2022): increased eating and sleep, decreased motivation and productivity, and cognitive impairments in learning, memory, and visual-spatial ability.

Associated with SAD, Vitamin D deficiency is a problem. Its symptoms include, among others, aching bones, brain fog and dark moods. With the more frequent incidence of viral infections (associated with Vitamin D deficiencies) we may find the lingering consequences of this deficiency creates chronic health problems.

Here comes the sun!

Now if you are feeling brighter than a few months ago and cannot put in down to winning lotto or something fabulous, there is a good reason. Back in winter we humans experience hibernation vaguely similar to bears! In winter we generally hunker down and are less likely to get outside. Now we are rising with the energy of spring and research suggests our happiness scores are highest in the spring.

We have more daylight hours for socialising, gardening, being outdoors and looking forward to the sunny holiday season. This often sets us up for a better sleep and life looks rosier and even work may not seem so exhausting.

However the feeling of joy does not come to all and that’s when we know that something about our lifestyle, diet, health issues and behaviours needs tweaking.

So firstly – its time for a Spring Clean inside and out

Get outside

Seems obvious! Even 10 – 30 minutes of pulling weeds or doing yard work can boost the energy, stretch and tone our muscles, relieve mental stress, oxygenate our brains and generally lift our happy hormones. This is especially important for those fixed to computers and phones and those reliant of the help of others to get them outside.

Are you eating well?

Every culture on the planet has thrived on nature’s food which never came in a box or plastic bag.  Plant a few vegetables and herbs in bucket or garden to have totally fresh foods at your fingertips. Gardening is beneficial in so many ways and extends back into our evolution.

When it gets warmer we often want to switch to lighter fresh vegetables, lovely berries that are just perfect to fill up on all the nutrients and their powerful anti-oxidants that help us detox and stay well. Always keep up the protein foods and fats that keep us strong.

Time for a spring clean and detox inside and out

Do you still have allergies and hay fever? All those gorgeous spring flowers come with their pollens. The dreadful dust and mould (fungus) in your linen, curtains, carpets, offices, cars and even inside you, needs to be gone for the good of everyone’s health

Cleaning is exercise – that’s a win win!

A spring detox from alcohol anyone?

Yes, its relaxing and fun for awhile … but  … in general it is pro-inflammatory and will not lift your spirit for long, will deplete your vitamins and more. Importantly alcohol will damage a healthy immune system. Each drink contains approximately 100-150 empty calories!

How is your immune system?

Complications from lifestyle habits, infectious diseases such as influenza and colds, seasonal allergens and trauma can have lingering effects that challenge your immune system.

When the immune system mounts an inflammatory response it releases pro-inflammatory cytokines, that affect the peripheral (the nervous system outside the brain and spinal cord) and central nervous system resulting in cognitive and behavioural changes including “reduced motor activity and social withdrawal”. This process may contribute to the development of depression and link inflammation to negative mood states and major depressive disorders and auto-immune conditions.

So what can you do to rediscover your mojo and see the glass half full?

After checking in with the spring clean and diet review above, topping up with all the lovely berries and vegetables you could arrange for some blood tests and if possible include vitamin D and Zinc.

Come and talk with us about how the naturopathic and herbal approaches may give you the lift you need. We like to see those blood tests to help us understand your symptoms better, so feel free to bring them along.

To conclude: enjoy truly pampering your body with sunshine, movement, beautiful food and gratitude for the amazing body to travel around in.

Swollen adenoids and enlarged tonsils are way too common in children leading to snoring, poor sleep, and further immune problems such as glue ear and constant upper respiratory problems. As a result of the fatigue, pain and general un-wellness, daytime behavioural issues and difficulties with learning may occur.

The adenoids are located in the very back of the roof of the mouth and the tonsils at the back of the throat. When enlarged tonsils are visible as 2 balls of tissue at the back of the throat behind and above the tongue. Both are made of lymphatic tissue and their primary purpose is to provide the body’s first line of immune defence to trap bacteria and viruses that enter through the nose or mouth. Under normal healthy conditions, these tissues are invisible to the eye. The image below shows the anatomy of the ears nose and throat area really well and how connected they all are. Thanks to Saint Luke’s Health System for the image.

The question is why is a child or an adult getting infections like this?

The obvious triggers are bacterial and viral infections inhaled or ingested. Also consider a poor quality diet that weakens the immune system. Spring time allergens and everyday chemical pollutants may damage the delicate skin tissue inside the ears, mouth, nose and throat. Here is one pollutant to think about – especially in babies and children – swimming in chlorinated pools, is linked to lung problems! Environmental causes; (mould, mites, vaping, smoking, synthetic perfumes, new curtains and carpets etc) are causes that can be avoided when we know what they are.

Treating chronic tonsillitis, adenoiditis and ear infections with surgical interventions is essential in many long standing cases but waiting for the operations takes time. Sometimes years of waiting! Ear infections left untreated will likely result in grommets that help keep the eustacian tube open to avoid intense infections such as Otitis Media. That’s something everyone should avoid!

Adenoiditis Tonsillitis 
Enlargement of the adenoid is known as adenoiditis. Enlargement of the tonsils is known as tonsillitis. 
Adenoiditis is common in children. Around 5 years of age adenoids will usually shrink. Tonsillitis is common in children and can remain a problem into adulthood. 
Symptoms: stuffy nose, ear pain, breathing through the mouth and snoring. Grey yellowish coated tongue.Symptoms: fever, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, white or yellow spots, swelling and redness of the tonsils. Coated tongue
Complications: frequent episodes of sinusitis, ear and chest infections. If a ear is discharging fluid always contact your doctor and then see us!Complications: chronic sinus infections, peritonsillar abscess. Always contact your  doctor for assessment and then see us!

What can a parent do?

This is a problem that will often affect the whole family due to interrupted sleep and the sharing of these reoccurring infections.

Thankfully natural options are available. With lots of persistence, treating the earliest signs of a cold, hay fever or allergies may reduce the likelihood of further problems such as sinusitis, otitis media (middle ear infections) general sickness and excessive amounts of antibiotics.

Herbal Tonics for children and adults

If taken very often at the first sign of a problem, gargling with and consuming these powerful antimicrobial herbs can provide relief of sore throats, and may reduce or stall the infections. You have to keep up regular doses for best results

Some of our favourite herbs

Contact us for specific product advice or drop by between 10 am and 5pm

Nutrients for oral health

Home remedies for Swollen Adenoids and enlarged Tonsils

Home remedies can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Food and Fluids

Natural Treatment for Enlarged Adenoids, Tonsils and Ear Infections

ConclusionStart early and be persistent with treating all infections

Your child’s well-being can influence many aspects of their and your life. Remember that cold wind any season and swimming may easily trigger ear and throat infections, especially in babies and toddlers!

Treatment without surgery is often possible using the methods above and in consultation with your GP. These remedies may not be the permanent answer for some children and adults and the best treatment may be a surgical adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy. For those who do eventually have the surgery, the removal of the chronically infected tissue can greatly improve general health. Thankfully we have options!

Many of us have regretted overeating late at night or drinking too much when it results in a night of belching, bloating and acid reflux. Long term this is no joke blokes, party goers, big eaters and those who are stressed!

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) influences patients’ general health, physical and emotional abilities and activities. Heartburn or reflux has many causes. From lifestyle habits to inadequate or too much hydrochloric acid (HCL) secreted in the stomach, to pregnancy and a host of other illnesses.

HCL is an essential acid that assists protein digestion, inhibits undesirable pathogens (bugs) in the stomach and protects the small intestine from bugs, yeasts and more. HCL encourages the flow of bile and pancreatic enzymes that assist the breakdown and ultimately the absorption of nutrients from our food including folate, vitamin B12, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, iron, and some forms of calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Studies have shown that hydrochloric acid secretion from the stomach lining starts within hours after birth, peaking in our 30’s and declines with advancing age.

Overproduction of HCL is also of concern as it can create inflammation and ulceration of the stomach and oesophageal lining. This may be a result of medications (the body tries to compensate for the lack of HCL), stress and other imbalances and illness. The over use of antacids or acid blockers leading to low levels of hydrochloric acid can result in poor protein digestion, inflammatory bowel issues and reduced nutritional absorption.

Acid reflux (GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease) occurs when stomach juices containing HCL and an enzyme called pepsin flows back up into the oesophagus – food pipe and up towards the mouth. If not corrected early reflux will likely create inflammation that damages the valve (sphincter). Named Erosive Esophagitis, (EE) is one of the most common complications of GERD and at its worst may result in cancer of the oesophagus.

The gastroesophageal sphincter is a muscle at the intersection of the oesophagus (esophagus – is the American spelling) to the stomach that normally acts as a valve letting food into the stomach when we eat then swallow food. Like other valves in our veins and heart they do not let fluids go backwards, until they cannot close off properly. When we vomit the valve is forced open! With continued stressful eating with or without vomiting and unhealthy lifestyle habits this valve may weaken and eventually fail. The stomach contents are regurgitated back into the oesophagus, creating symptoms of acid reflux (GERD). Acid reflux causes an internal burning sensation (heart burn), a sensation of something stuck or a sour taste in the back of the throat and oesophagus. It is now thought the certain coughs, sinus and dental issues are associated with indigestion and Gerd.

Highly processed fatty, salty and or spicy foods, grains and other foods (and other acidic foods like orange juice, tomato sauce, coffee chocolate, peppermint! and more) may aggravate acid reflux. Other factors that can cause or increase reflux include being overweight, smoking, alcohol, eating disorders, bulimia, stress and anxiety. Eating fast, on the go and large meals anytime or close to bedtime make reflux much worse. The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, some medications and pregnancy and lower levels of HCL and Pepsin enzymes) are other causes. Unfortunately oesophageal or gastric surgery and simply getting older can be other causes.

Occasional episodes may be relieved with over the counter antacids to reduce the acidity of the stomach. However these medications do not repair the inflammation to the valve, oesophagus or deal with the underlying causes. Long term frequent use of antacids can have harmful side effects: constipation, diarrhoea and food sensitivity and nutritional deficiencies (anaemia). Antacids (some contain aluminium) may also cause calcium loss which is not good for our bones and may lead to osteoporosis.

Stress is another significant cause of reflux. “ Anxiety and depression were significantly higher in patients with GERD, particularly those who also reported concerns of chest pain. Measures should be taken to reduce the stress and anxiety of GERD patients to cope with their daily life activities and improve their quality of life”. Stress appears to relax the sphincter and increase production of HCL.

What can we do to reduce indigestion and reflux ?

Lifestyle comes first – It’s often all up to us!

  • Eat a little, sit up a little longer! Eat healthy food slowly in smaller amounts with occasional treats
  • Let your body digest your food for two to three hours before lying down. HCL is generated within one hour of eating so it is very good to be up and about after a meal
  • Do not wear clothing that constricts the abdomen. Added upward pressure on the stomach may cause acid to back up into the oesophagus
  • Get on to programme to reduce weight if needed
  • Keep a food journal to understand the foods eaten and time of day symptoms arise. This includes alcohol!
  • Do not eat close to exercise or heavy lifting
  • Find solutions to reduce stress
  • Reduce coffee, alcohol and unnecessary medications if life style modifications and herbal medicines can be used as the first option.

For those with chronic daily indigestion and reflux it’s a more complex management programme

Our digestive enzymes break down our food really well so that we can absorb lots of wonderful nutrition to keep us strong and healthy. Therefore any suppression of our digestive process can have quite an effect on our health in the long term. The natural health perspective on wellness starts with a healthy digestion and therefore lifestyle habits.

The following information is for those that really do have problems that are not sorted by eating healthy food at the right times of the day, not night!

For those taking common medications for GERD or Reflux (such as PPI’s, Omiperazole) we can suggest various herbs and supplements to work alongside your medications and help to repair inflammation in the oesophagus or stomach (gastritis). No one should abruptly change their medications and we strongly recommend that you completely understand the actions and long term issues that may be associated with medications, natural digestive aides and not embracing a healthy eating style.

Herbs and Supplements

Thankfully there are specifically designed natural remedies for reflux using herbs and nutrients to provide rapid support for indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, and an upset or a sour stomach.  And unlike some over the counter medications, no aluminium or other harmful ingredients.

Hoheria, Marshmallow root and Slippery Elm bark all contain polysaccharides providing mucilaginous properties to soothe inflamed linings of the digestive tract while ginger root, papaya fruit and liquorice root work together to aid digestion. Dandelion and Gentian also help to aid your digestion and breakdown of your food.

Melissa, Valerian, St Johns Wort, Kawakawa, Chamomile and Saffron are all possible inclusions in a herbal tonic to reduce the effects of stress. Pregnant women can use herbal medicine with supervision by a herbalist or naturopath.

Natural remedies for acid reflux can create a buffer, reduce acidity of the stomach acid (a little) and help support the lining of the gastroesophageal sphincter and oesophagus.

Calcium carbonate – for serious indigestion and in small amounts – helps buffer acidity and Alginic acid (which converts to sodium alginate) helps to maintain the mucous lining of the oesophagus.

Sodium alginate is a natural polysaccharide extracted from brown algae – brown seaweed (Laminaria hyperborea). Sodium alginate is effective for suppressing reflux. Alginates may be a good alternative to PPIs for on-demand treatment from babies to pregnancy and adults.

How do alginates work?

It takes several hours to raise the intragastric pH above 4 after the first dose of PPIs (85), while Alginates have a unique mode of action that provide quick relief.

When sodium alginate mixes with the acid in your stomach, it forms a “raft” that floats on the top of your stomach contents. This creates a physical barrier over your stomach contents, which stops the excess stomach fluids containing acid coming back up into your oesophagus (food pipe) – helping to soothe symptoms of reflux and indigestion.

Caution: Calcium carbonate is known to effect the absorption of some medications. You should take other medicines one hour before or at least four hours after taking any antacid to prevent interactions. Also get advice if you have kidney and cardiac problems, have osteoporosis or are on any medications.

Treatment with an alginate product may reduce other digestive acids of pepsin and bile in your stomach contents that can contribute to reflux symptom. Therefore addressing the cause is the first priority and take only if needed!

Can I take an antacid if I’m pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant?

Heartburn in pregnancy is common and it’s usually safe to take reflux and indigestion remedies while pregnant. Acid reflux in pregnancy is due to the hormone progesterone that relaxes joints and sphincters in the body, including the sphincter between the oesophagus and stomach.  The pressure on the stomach due to the enlarging uterus. Both factors resulting in reflux!

Thankfully taking natural antacids short term during pregnancy, while you pay attention to what and when you eat can greatly improve quality of life for a pregnant mum. Alginates are safe and very useful, act quickly and can be used as an on-demand therapy. It is also important to check the ingredients and don’t take more than the daily recommended dosage. For those less fortunate, the nausea and reflux symptoms do not finish at the end of the first trimester and may be far more serious. Always check in with your midwife and GP.

So If you have read all the way to the end of this post and have any questions please get in touch

This article is in not prescriptive as each person will have requirements unique to their health condition. Consult your healthcare professional or Bodywise to see what we can suggest for your reflux and any associated health concerns.

Heart warming herbs can be so helpful during the coldest of months to help promote circulation to our cold hands and feet.

For many people Hawthorn (berries) containing anti-oxidant properties may regulate the rate and quality of the heart’s contractions improving circulation to your heart muscle and blood flow through out the body. Ginger warms and reduces inflammation. 

Other wonderful herbs to promote circulation may include:

Cayenne, Crampbark, Dan Shen, Dong Quai, Garlic, Ginger, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, Horopito, Kawakawa, Prickly Ash and more.

Even if you are on medications, many herbal medicines can be used to give you a warming boost providing you have the supervision of your herbal and naturopath and your doctor.

Bodywise invites you to enjoy a cup of energising tea while learning how herbals medicine can stimulate your cardiovascular system to not just keep warm but also;

There are various nutritional supplements and creams for inflammed skin from cold weather to promote healing.

If this sounds familiar, then visit Bodywise and find solutions from our medical herbalists and naturopaths.

Natural support for chest & lung health.

Flexi-Breathe Lemon & Ginger Syrup,

Try this tasty, effective and natural support for dry, tickly airways and breathing difficulties. Flexi-Breathe helps to sooth the throat and support healthy breathing and respiratory function. contains a propriety blend of New Zealand Mussell oil, lemon, ginger and manuka in a soothing syrup. Flexi-Breathe contains our own NZ Green Lipped Mussel Oil, Supernol® and NZ Mānuka Honey.

Who is it for?

All ages and has a great taste, People seeking natural, healthy airways support, Day or night, Suitable for ongoing use. For those who have a post viral cough that will not go away. Can be used alongside Supernol Capsules

What is it for?

Support chest & lung health, Soothes dry, tickly airways, Soothes and calms the throat, Promotes healthy breathing for a good night’s sleep.

Try before exercise if you have had a respiratory illness to promote healthy breathing and during the pollen season.

Made in NZ – Sustainably sourced from mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds and extracted in Havelock, OmegaFlex’s Supernol® contains naturally occurring marine lipids. Can be used alongside Supernol Capsules



Keep out of reach of children. Store in cool, dry space below 25C, shake well before each use and refrigerate once opened and use within one month of opening. Keep away from sunlight. Do not take if you have an allergy to shellfish. Use only as directed.

Taurine is a great benefit for good health

Discovered in the 1800s Taurine has been added to processed foods, and over recent decades to energy drinks that contain a high dose of caffeine to help maintain a regular heart rate!

In addition to supporting the normal function of the cardiovascular system Taurine has a host of health benefits for energy, repair and mood and is a useful supplement to medical and natural supplements.

Taurine is an essential amino acid (a building block for protein) found in foods such as meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products, and red algae. Taurine promotes proper muscle function in the excitatory tissues of the heart, brain, retina of our eyes and skeletal muscles. People who might not get enough taurine from diet alone can also take it as a supplement. For coffee drinkers that may seem a reasonable idea!

Taurine can help keep excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitter signals in our brain and body balanced. Research shows its many actions across all body systems: Anti-inflammatory, energy metabolism, antioxidant, cellular membrane efficiency and mitochondrial energy. Taurine is useful for:

Taurine can be an aid for infants who are not breastfed, and children, during pregnancy and for the elderly.  This is important for vegans and some vegetarians.  Supplementation can interact with some medications. Quality Taurine Supplements are essential. Check with your doctor if you are taking medications to reduce your blood pressure, or if you are taking lithium.

Get further advice from one of our naturopaths anytime

“I would always consider taurine if someone is wanting to try and lower their blood pressure” Julia our naturopath

Come and visit Bodywise, describe what health problems you are experiencing and we will choose a formula that will cover your needs.

Look for a logo from an independent organic certifying body.

The labels that matter in New Zealand and Australia are:

Nature identical preservatives are very important. 

Some but not all will allow the use of preservatives to ensure that products are microbiologically safe and have a stable shelf life. Certain nature-identical preservatives are allowed in addition to natural preservatives. When these preservatives are used, products must be labelled. Some of these are: benzoic acid, its salts and ethyl ester, salicylic acid and its salts, sorbic acid and its salts, benzyl alcohol. The debate here is interesting and we suggest that you research this for yourself to understand the full picture. Go to for more information

At Bodywise we recommend our customers use natural skincare products, which are free from parabens and many other toxic chemicals.

10 Ingredients you will never find in authentic natural products

  1. Any ingredient featuring the word ‘paraben’.
  2. Triclosan
  3. Any ingredient featuring the three capital letters ‘PEG’
  4. Paraffinum Liquidum
  5. EDTA
  6. Phenoxyethanol
  7. Chlorine
  8. Quaternium
  9. Any ingredient featuring the word ‘…propyl…’
  10. Methicone
Email and phone orders are welcome.

We will courier to you, so do phone or email us and we will do our best to send health products to you, asap contact us Ph: 03-5468611

For many women, some men, the elderly and even our pets, their daily lives are a struggle due to chronic bladder infections.

The urinary tract is usually resistant to bacterial imbalances because the low pH of urine. The presence of urea (in your urine) and urinary flow all help to inhibit potentially harmful bacteria. However recurring bladder problems are experienced by great numbers of women and may be part of a bigger health issue and general health. 

For many years we have helped all ages to navigate past these infections using herbal medicine, probiotics and looking for lifestyle habits that may be contributing to the problem. Wine, coffee, Vitamin C, prolonged antibiotics and sexual intimacy, ageing and dehydration may play a role in these conditions.

If you need your questions answer do come and talk with us.

ballopn representing bladder

Post Viral Fatigue

You are not alone if you are experiencing fatigue and need relief from Post Viral Fatigue and other symptoms

Symptoms generally include poor energy, sluggish thinking and detoxification, increased inflammation and mood changes.

The good news is that our naturopaths have been helping our Nelson community with post-infection fatigue for nearly two decades . Our naturopath will use herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to reduce fatigue and restore energy . Post Viral Fatigue and associated symptoms can be significantly reduced when looked at from a naturopathic and holistic perspective

Few of us can take the time off work to seriously rest up after an infection that leaves us wondering where our energy has gone and if these new complaints or symptoms will ever leave. This is where herbal medicine and certain nutritional supplements come in.

For some, pre-existing health problems and nutritional deficiencies, life style stressors and lack of sleep, digestive complaints and low grade infections can leave us more prone to infection and prolonged symptoms

You may identify with some of these symptoms :

Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to reduce post viral

Do get in touch or drop by with some time on your side and we will create a plan to get well again.

They are painful, itchy and sometimes may result in the need for surgery if not viewed as part of a bigger health issue in the early stages.

Haemorrhoids produce varying degrees of pain, feelings of pressure, itching, irritation and a palpable mass. In women, the single most common cause is pregnancy. In men and some women haemorrhoids are largely a problem created by poor dietary habits leading to constipation and inflammation of both the rectal tissue and the viens. Haemorrhoid’s also known as piles are varicose veins of the rectum

The following wonderful herbs in a cream can provide relief of the discomfort of external haemorrhoids and varicose veins:
Aesculus (Horse chestnut), Hamamelis (Witch Hazel), Borago (Borage), Calendula (Marigold), Equisetum (Horsetail) and Essential oil of Rosemary : Helps reduce venous congestion by improving the blood flow in eg varicose veins, haemorrhoids

These herbs are often used in herbal medicine for wound healing in general.

When internal herbal medicine is required to support the liver and digestion (using many of the herbs above) a long lasting relief is possible. Apart from pregnancy and ageing, lifestyle factors play a major role in the development haemorrhoids and varicose veins.

For all the pregnant ladies out there – we can really help both the haemorrhoids and varicose veins

Get in touch to get the right preparation and herbal tonic for you and your individual situation.

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Go well and a huge thanks for your support during these changing times

Glutathione is one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants and is critical for maintaining good health and slowing the effects living and ageing and and acute or chronic disease.

Anti-oxidants are substances that protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals*. Free radicals are a result of normal body processes however may play a part in autoimmune and respiratory illness, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases of aging. Antioxidants include beta-carotene, lycopene, vitamins A, C, and E, Zinc and Selenium and other natural  and manufactured substances such as Glutathione and NAC.

When we are young and healthy our body produces glutathione in abundance. Formed from proteins amino acid cysteine, glycine and glutamine, it is  important for maintaining the health of the liver, and its normal detoxification process. Glutathione levels change through out the day and as we age, our levels reduce by around 10% per decade.

Our liver can become quite overloaded by highly processed fatty foods (fatty liver), a moderate intake of alcohol and drugs and some conventional drugs even if they play an important role in our health. The exposure and absorption of heavy metals and environmental toxins also take a toll on our liver function.

Glutathione plays a vital role in the function and health of the immune system, helps protect DNA and regulate cell division, and recycles other antioxidants in the body.

So its a good idea to review your lifestyle, get enough sleep, top up with a general supplement and if you tick any of the boxes above buy Glutathione supplement from a reputable brand and preferably in a liposomal formulation for maximum absorption. This will all help to keep your body and immune system healthy and strong.

*Free radicals are unstable molecules made by the process of oxidation during normal metabolism and are also the by-products of stress, radiation, environmental toxins, and poor diet.

Mother and baby health care is a high priority for us at Bodywise – we can help you with the following from our herbal dispensary:

Here are some of the issues impacting mother and baby care:

pregnancy, morning sickness, labour, birth, babies, colic, post natal depression, milk flow, teething, constipation in babies, acne, rosacea, skin dryness, ezcema, boils, warts, chilblains, molluscum contagiosum, fungal infections, thrush, cold sore, nappy rash, croup, asthma and infectious childhood diseases and more.

Generally we use drop doses of herbal medicines or teas, probiotics and occasionaly liquid supplements.

Body wisdom for Mothers and Fathers with Babies

The following headings to lead you to a particular subject further down the page

  1. Look after Mother First
  2. Body wisdom for Mothers in brief
  3. A little preparation goes along way when managing a family
  4. Nature’s bounty
  5. Getting Enough Sleep
  6. Nature’s  greatest gift – Breastfeeding
  7. The thrills and spills of Mothering
  8. Nature’s Baby: What to feed baby
  9. Teething & Colic
  10. Common Homeopathic remedies
  11. Common colds, diarrhoea and vomiting: Homeopathic remedies
  12. Hygiene and  skin care

Look after Mother First

Oh yes! All those motherly instincts to put baby first are vital for the life of your baby. Yet in this era, when mothers are often home alone most of the day with a newborn, it is the mother who needs to take responsibility to see to her own needs and plan ahead, so that they can be in the best possible condition to look after themselves and their baby. Sometimes this is very difficult.

If you need help, please ask for it. How we do that is important. If verbal communication is not so easy write a realistic list of things you need done and leave it for your partner to read and discuss at a suitable time. This proactive approach can enhance your relationship during this stressful time. Keep in mind that the Dad’s may have had a demanding day at work and may be suffering from lack of sleep too. Of course all this info is also applicable for Dads, so do read on Dads.

Getting organized to make life run smoothly:

  1. Plan ahead for the next day. It’s a form of visualisation and it works.
  2. Simplify with foods that look like they come from nature.
  3. Prepare tomorrows lunch by doubling dinner. It is a great feeling to know a healthy lunch is alrady prepared before you sit down to your dinner.
  4. Enjoy lots of nutritious herbal teas, hot or cold to promote milk production
  5. Beautiful colourful food and rest make energy for you and your baby
  6. Rejuvenate with moderate exercise in the sunshine, at a park or beach and hopefully with a friend
  7. Reaching out for help is necessary for all of us and do not feel guilty, one day you may help someone in need.

 A little preparation goes along way when managing a family

Plan outings and shopping by writing a list the night before. Imagine you have got to the evening of the following day and that it all went beautifully apart from of a few moments which you took in your stride.  You had planned ahead the night before and had everything ready so your day went really well.  Now that is worth celebrating. What a great habit to create and way to reduce stress.

When going shopping leave baby at home if possible with Dad or a friend, it is a brief opportunity to have some space. Also, retail therapy is not what its cracked up to be. Get out into nature with a yummy snack and drink with company will be far more restful and invigorating.

Nature’s bounty – Choose food from all food groups and make it is colourful, fun and a taste sensation

Getting Enough Sleep

Nature’s greatest gift – Resting to feed your baby.

The thrills and spills of Mothering

Nature’s Baby: What to give baby.

Quite simply, food that looks like it came from Mother Nature.

Treating common health problems

Warning: Do not ignore serious problems. Go to your doctor if your intuition is telling you to.

Teething & Colic

There are also some great Homeopathic remedies that can be used for a variety of ailments, however there is no situation to fit all people and conditions. Due to the complexity of homeopathy we suggest you contact a local and well regarded homeopath.

Hygiene and skin care – Less is more.

 Enjoy learning about how you can provide a healthy environment for you and your partner, and your baby will grow into a hearty and curious youngster. Each year you will learn more and they will reflect back to you everything you teach them.

Parenting can be a great experience with some help, so do come into Bodywise, we will do our best to get you sorted.

Bodywise attracts a wide variety folk from all walks of life and that goes for our team as well.  Individually, all of us at Bodywise chose to be vaccinated.

To compliment vaccination,  we know how effective herbal medicine is for all stages of infections including post infection fatigue and complications that may arise. We have addressed these issues for the last 17 years.

The amazing herbs and supplements that we offer our Bodywise people are also our first steps to keeping infections from taking hold, and limiting duration and complications. Do get your herbs into your home so you can regularly take them from the early onset of symptoms.

How we will continue to operate in Level Orange

As a close contact business, we will see you all in our entrance way as we have operated during the last few months.  We are not required to check vaccine passports, however we request everyone wear a mask and cooperates with our interpretation of the government regulations.  Even if you have a legitimate health department mask exemption please be reassured we will attend to your requests. Just let us know and we will accommodate your requests on a case by case basis.

Should it be necessary for you or Bodywise to go contactless please remember we will be able to provide your health products requests via the contact page on our website.

Simply go to Bodywise Nelson / contact page. Mini phone or Zoom consults for full consultations will be available, so feel  free to get in touch.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are all doing our best to support and lift each other up through these challenging times.

Make Menopause a Cool Transition

Firstly – grab a drink and settle somewhere quiet to get acquainted with our take on Menopause – its a big and important topic with out a quick fix

Most women in their 50”s tend to lead rich and hectic lives and need healthy herbs and supplements to find relief before, during and after the often its often challenging symptoms of menopause.

Many women manage a home, children and help out grandparents. They also want to enjoy their partner, work and have a social life. Any wonder women can feel stressed, hot and bothered.

Menopause is a natural process where a woman transitions from her childbearing years to the next stage of her life. A woman is said to be officially in menopause once she has not had a menstrual period for twelve consecutive months. For many women, the months or years leading into menopause (known as perimenopause), can mark the onset of challenging symptoms including irregular menstrual cycles, flushing sensations, irritability and night sweats.

Two women enjoying the beach

A woman’s periods will continue until 45-55 years. Towards the end of a woman’s reproductive life, anytime from 35 years, periods can become irregular because there are not enough eggs left to produce an “ovulatory” cycle every month.  This period of time is referred to as the peri-menopausal phase.

After 12 months without periods a woman is in menopause. Even then symptoms can persist for many years for some women. Hot flushes result from the drop in oestrogen and are associated with our reaction to stress and our Metabolism:

- Metabolism refers to the countless chemical processes going on continuously inside the body. 
- The amount of kilojoules your body burns at any given time is affected by your metabolism.
- Your metabolic rate is influenced by many factors – including age, gender, muscle-to-fat ratio, amount of physical activity and hormone function.

The early onset of menopause can be influenced by:

Our female hormonal system is controlled by the interaction of various endocrine glands and organs within our body and a principal regulator is the gut microbiome, found in our digestive system.

The Reproductive hormones 

Like all the hormones in our body, reproductive hormones are manufactured from cholesterol and are called steroid hormones. These hormones are recycled, degraded, and excreted.

The main reproductive hormones involved are:




Education is the most important tool for managing this huge change.

The second most important part is a will to want to maintain good health by reducing stress on the body and mind by:

Most women are aware that the decline in their hormones results in the changes to their bodies. For some women, this dramatic change passes with ease.  Not so for around 70-80% of women.

When the time comes, the hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats, weight gain, mood changes, joint pain, and headaches may come as a surprise. As time passes vaginal secretions reduce along with the strength of our soft tissues, muscles and ligaments and skin. Sounds like ageing doesn’t it!

This may result in difficulties with intercourse, fragile vaginal tissue and UTI’s. So being willing to make lifestyle adjustments and have some honest conversations with our partners may make an enormous difference to your experience and future wellbeing. Talk to us about how we can help “down there”.

By ensuring the healthy function of our glands and organs we can greatly reduce symptoms and risks that are associated with menopause and ageing.

Adrenal Health

Thyroid Health 

By taking your basal body temp each morning you can monitor your thyroid health regularly. This is particularly useful if your blood tests have come back normal yet your physical signs of, dryness, fatigue, coldness, weight gain and low mood suggest otherwise. Come and talk to us about how to do this.

Look after your liver especially if you have a fatty liver!

Liver and Kidney Health

The liver is responsible for hundreds of processes in our body. Filtering the body of metabolic wastes as well as external toxins .

This truly is detoxification and is a normal process. The liver can suffer free radical damage, which requires high amounts of antioxidants to reverse the damage on a daily basis.

Bitter herbs such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Turmeric can help to rejuvenate liver.  Years of chemicals from processed fatty foods, alcohol, medications, and exposure to pollution in our cities and environment takes its toll. As the liver starts to return to normal we will all feel more energetic and be healthier.

Herbs have been used around the world for hundreds of years and there is plenty of research on herbal medicine

Herbs that help our hormonal balance leading up to and beyond menopause

Vitex (berries) provide a unique approach to helping to balance pituitary hormone levels and cyclic hormone fluctuations.  It may help moderate prolactin levels and mood disturbancesClinical studies have shown that Vitex reduces symptoms associated with PMS and PMDD (a severe form of PMS), and during the Perimenopause.

The Perimenopausal symptoms include:

breast tenderness, irregular and often heavy bleeding, fluid retention, menopausal flushes, and night sweats.

When combined with some of the herbs below the outcome can greatly improve the well-being of women from teenage years to menopause. There are other herbs to consider – so talk to us to find which ones are the best for you.

Enhance your hormonal, liver and digestie health with some bitter herbs from the Bodywise herbal dispensary

Herbs for the Digestive system and Metabolic Syndrome

The liver’s health plays a very important role in hormone balance. Bitter herbs may reduce inflammation and aide digestion by promoting gastric, liver and pancreas function. The liver is an important organ in relationship to Metabolic Syndrome, which may be a pre-cursor to diabetes.

Here are a few of the best herbs for healthy liver function:

Milk Thistle, contains high levels of the liver antioxidant, silymarin. The results from this random double blind study showed that S. marianum can decrease frequency and severity of hot flushes significantly over a 4 – 12 week period. This is great news for women, because not only do the flushes and sweats decrease, liver function improves and that is beneficial for long term health.

Dandelion root may aid the breakdown and excretion of hormones along with the production of bile that enhances our digestion. Fenugreek also contributes to problems associated with reducing weight gain.

Herbs that help us adapt to stress – we call them Nervines and Adaptogens

Nervine herbs calm the nervous system and can contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing. Our reaction to stress can increase the frequency and intensity of hot flushes. Nervines may help moderate night sweats, mood and insomnia.  There are many herbs to use for stress and to improve mood. Here are some of them:

Mood Enhancement –  some of the herbs we love:                  

For anxiety and depression we use Magnolia officinalis, St John’s Wort & Black Cohosh Insomnia – nervine herbs such as Valerian, Californian poppy, Lavender, Hops, Motherwort, Bupleurum, Scutellaria (skullcap)and Ziziphus and many others can relax the nervous system and have an effect on anxiety. Cortisol Levels – A little Holy Basil is wonderful addition to a menopausal tonic to reduce high cortisol levels that result from our reaction to stress.

Endocrine (hormonal) system – the big link to your female hormones

Adaptogenic herbs assist with our response to stress:  Physical, environmental, emotional, or environmental stressors can deplete our energy and drag us down.  E.g. Withania, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola and Schisandra.

Thyroid Health and Menopausal Palpitations 

Women may experience hyper or hypo thyroid symptoms from their 30’s onwards. While a test may come back saying you are within the normal range, our naturopath will check out other symptoms that may suggest there is a problem.

Herbs such as Kelp (lots of Iodine) and Rehmania play an important role in hormonal balance in the thyroid.

For women and men with hyper-thyroidism we are very pleased to say we have a group of herbs that can be used. Bugleweed may help manage symptoms and goes well with Motherwort to calm palpitations and anxiety.  Professional guidance from your doctor and herbalist are absolutely necessary because of the risks of cardiac problems.

Joint aches and pains

We consider many symptoms including muscle and joint pain. This can be very painful and contribute significantly to insomnia and stress. Just as importantly, the loss of oestrogen can lead to a loss of muscle mass and further reduce strength and mobility.  Read on to the end of this article about the amazing benefits of exercise.  There are so many options herbal options to reduce pain and inflammation. Once again, we look at each person and their individual patterns of symptoms.

Herbs to manage heavy bleeding and uterine fibroids.

Women may leave it way too long before they seek help for heavy bleeding during periods. Diagnosis with a scan is key to managing menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) and assessing uterine fibroids. This is essential to rule out potential carcinogenic changes to fibroids.  Your doctor is your best advocate here to monitor what can be an alarming and debilitating experience for women. Get tested earlier rather than later!  

Talking with a herbalist earlier rather than later, usually helps restore some balance to a women’s periods. Acute blood loss can lead to low iron levels, that results in bleeding even more heavily. Heavy menstruation can be moderated with herbs for heavy bleeding along with supplementation with DIM and bioflavonoids. Ginger, Shepherd’s Purse, Lady’s Mantle and Yarrow are historically uesful herbs.

Many women find that a menstrual cup is useful to catch more blood than tampons can absorb. Silicone cups are less irritating to the lining of the vagina and ultimately are an economical solution. Come in and we can help you find the right one for you.

We advise women from teenage years to menopause to start herbal tonics as soon as there are irregularites in their cycle

We suggest women

Get tested for iron deficiency anaemia. While supplementing with gentle iron formulas is important reducing the amount of blood loss is the primary treatment. Vitamin C and Zinc is also important for the integrity of tissue in your uterus and vagina.

We strongly advocate that you understand the need to reduce oestrogen dominance through improved liver function using herbal medicine and increasing helpful phyto-oestrogenic foods, see below.

Loss of libido and Vaginal Dryness

Intimacy becomes quite a problem during the change of life. Using a Phyto-oestrogen cream can keep the delicate vulva and vaginal tissue remain healthy. Lubrication with a natural gel may be the difference between Yes or No to you partner. An open discussion is very important so that your are never compromising yourself when it comes to sex.

Just because one company is marketing their product, it does not mean that it will be useful to all women.

The combined effect of a variety of herbs and specific supplements can make all the difference at menopause

Nutritional support 

Essential fatty acids – These fats must be consumed and are not manufactured in the body. As a result, consuming healthy nuts, seeds and oils is really important for good health.

Few companies test for rancidity so beware of those cheap oils. Where possible purchase in pre-packaged amounts with a long best buy date. Any nuts, seeds and oil should taste light and leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. Store in airtight containers in your fridge.

Dietary and lifestyle suggestions for women young and old

Another key to great well being and hormonal balance is how we eat and what to avoid in the way of the unhealthy foods and lifestyle habits. View this article

Lastly – a quick reminder to reduce stress and find time for you

Prioritise 15 minutes each day for yourself to reap the benefts

Dietary Advice for women young and old

Supplements are just that. They do not replace a highly nutritious plant-based diet. We highly recommend the Mediterranean diet as it is a great base for healthy dietary advice for women, young and old, and all the men and boys in our lives.

Give your digestion, liver and metabolism a boost every day with:

  1. Enjoy a big colourful salads or steamed vegetables every day. Include, organic if possible, fresh dark leafy greens with tasty herbs from your garden (Dandelion leaf, rocket, mizuna, mesclun, spinach, nasturtium) with raw grated beetroot, carrot, sprouts, celery, avocado, cucumber. A small handful of fresh nuts and seeds (not rancid) make for a lovely nutty flavour.
  2. Throw in some powdered kelp as it is full of Iodine and is truly a super sea food
  3. Unless you are an athlete or labourer, 3 small pieces of fruit are all you need.

Liver supportive foods include dandelion leaves ( high in minerals), broccoli sprouts, cruciferous vegetables, turmeric, fresh beetroot, fresh ginger, barley grass, chlorella and lemon juice. Effective liver detoxification and digestive clearance of down-graded hormones help keep our hormone levels balanced.

Phyto-oestrogens in plants such as the legume family (soy, alfalfa, peas) possess a structural similarity to the oestrogen molecule. This means they can bind to oestrogen receptors. Compared with the hormone oestradiol, phyto-estrogens have a very weak effect on our bodies that do not result in the same stimulation of breast and uterine tissue affected by oestrogen.

Phyto-oestrogenic foods are considered beneficial because they block the effect of stronger oestrogenic substances. In countries like Japan, they may be responsible for the much lower incidence of reproductive cancers.  Research shows phyto-oestrogenic foods have a positive effect on hot flushes and vaginal dryness.

Try adding 100g of tofu and 1 tbsp of ground linseed to your diet each day to get some of these phyto-oestrogens:

Keep your bowel healthy

Rice bran or oat bran, slippery elm, psyllium, as well as fruit and vegetables, provide soluble and insoluble fibre, all helpful for effective elimination of toxins from the bowel. Lignans in legumes also provide protein, carbohydrate, and fibre. Probiotics, the good bacteria also help digestion, immunity, and detoxification.

Foods to Reduce or Avoid:

The following foods put stress on the brain, endocrine glands, liver, and digestive system. This may cause nutrient deficiencies, swings of blood sugar and imbalances of reproductive hormones.

Environmental factors

Our world waterways and food supplies are full of concerning Xeno-oestrogens. These foreign chemicals from the environment behave like oestrogen in our bodies.  Xeno-oestrogens include:

Find exercise you enjoy. Exercise can strengthen, rejuvenate, and relax your body.

Find Joy in Exercise

Here are the amazing benefits of exercise to reduce stress and manage weight gain:

Alert Level 2 info for customers at Bodywise

Many of you will have noticed we are operating on a 1 in 1 out policy

Beautiful eyes are really making their mark now we live with a mask on.

Here are some tips on eye make-up for those who wear glasses from Dr Hauschk


Glasses make the eyes appear bigger and closer to the nose so the impact of makeup is more intense.  Choose eyeshadow in muted, darker colours and avoid bright, shimmering shades. The Eye & Brow Palette is ideal. Use graduated shading to draw the eyes further away from the nose: A brighter colour on the inner eyelid and a darker colour on the outer eyelid to stretch the eye outwards. Use Liquid Eyeliner in black or brown. Do not over-apply Mascara to your lashes, instead apply Defining Mascara subtly.


Glasses make the eyes appear smaller.  Use bright, shimmering eyeshadow colours to make them look larger. A boldly applied, bright or shimmery Eyeshadow on the entire lid works well. Define your eyes with Eye Definer on the upper lashes only and extend the line beyond the eye in a flick to make it appear larger.  Avoid applying too much Mascara or Eye Definer on the bottom lashes as it will make the eyes appear smaller. Applying a bright Eyeshadow shade under the lower lash line can also help make eyes look larger and Eye Definer 00 nude on the lower inner eyelid opens the eye optically. Finish with a generous application of Volume Mascara on the upper lashes.

Glasses with progressive lenses

As glasses with progressive lenses do not change the eyes optically, all eye makeup products are suitable.

And to keep the eye tissue clean and moisturised take a look at the healing properties of Dr Hauschka’s Eye Balm and Regenerating Eye Cream – we can give you a sample at Bodywise

Going down with a bug never happens between 9 and 5. So getting prepared with a natural health kit at home and in your garden is time well spent.

At Bodywise our home kit includes common supplements such as Vitamin C, D3, Zinc. These all aid healing and assist our immune system to do the job its evolved to do, get us well. Want to read a paper on this?


Then we have the beautiful and well researched herbs that have properties that that help our body to fight infections. Our well known V-Ease Herbal Tonic contains many useful herbs and has been the go to for our Bodywise folk for the last decade. Right now our Stress Ease Tonic soothes and uplifts stressed minds and bodies. Instead of a glass or two of wine, try something far more productive.

From our dispensary we can tailor make for everyone:

Oregano, Thyme, Mint, Sage
Oregano, Thyme, Mint, Sage make a wonderful supportive tea during chills and ills

The key is to have herbs at home for when you get that “I’m coming down with something” feeling or the worry and sleep loss is getting to you.

Take care with identification and any contra-indications with herbs, supplements, medicines or allergies. Know what and why you are taking them!

Lastly, its never about only taking natural medicine – go to you doctor before things get serious!