Post Viral Fatigue – How to restore your energy

Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome,

The chronic state of fatigue that may follow viral infections may be relieved with a specific herbal tonic and nutritional supplementation. Fatigue may also arise after Glandular fever, Ross River Fever and other viral infections.

If the fatigue continues for up to six months after onset,  your doctor may diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome. The extreme fatigue may be accompanied by any number of the following symptoms:

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  • Pain in the joints and muscles with muscle weakness
  • An inability to properly regulate body temperature
  • Heart palpitations
  • New food or medication allergies or sensitivities
  • Visual disturbances and vertigo
  • Irritable bowels and diarrhoea
  • Sleep disruption and depression
  • Headaches, sore throats, and swollen glands
  • Weakened immunity
  • General brain fog

So here is the good news. There are a herbs and supplements that help restore health by helping the body overcome  a virus and its effects on the immune system, liver function, digestive tract, and by reducing inflammation.

Providing extra nutritional support that enhances mitochondrial function is important. The supplement CQ10 along with specific nutrients such as iron if tests show that the mineral is low. Other nutrients such as zinc, selenium and B vitamins can strengthen the body to ensure a strong immune system along with the adrenal and thyroid glands of the endocrine system.

The multi-angle prescribing unique to naturopathic treatment can help you and your family get back to health. That is so long as you also eat really healthy food, don’t over do the exercise when you start to feel better, keep away from alcohol and go to bed early.

Feelings of  depression and anxiety may result from the failure to recover quickly. Post viral fatigue affects our ability to work, study and perform daily tasks like looking after family. Managing our work load and responsibilities during this time is really important for the long term well-being.

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Post Viral Fatigue – How to restore your energy