Healthy Hair Care

At Bodywise we stock a fabulous selection of hair care products and colours which are derived from natural plant extracts, are gentle and nourishing and ammonia-free.

Our Healthy Hair Colour brands: Naturigin, Herbatint, Tints of Nature, Natural Henna powder

The Natural Product Awards has recognised NATURIGIN as the winner of the best Natural Beauty Product 2014-2015 in the US market.

Naturigin receive top awards for organic hair colours
Naturigin receive top awards for organic hair colours

In the finale round, NATURIGIN was judged by 10 independent natural retailers across the US, and won due to what the judges explained as: High product quality and excellence. This is a product of NATURIGIN’s determination to introduce natural value based products to the US market and enhance the knowledge of the natural alternatives within hair colouring.

In our pursuit of perfecting our ingredients and make the most natural formula for hair colouring as possible, being acknowledge as the best natural product is a great win and reward. Therefore, this award will only motivate us even further in perfecting our products and sharing our values.

NATURIGIN firmly believe that the more we reduce the amount of toxins we introduce to our body, the more we give our bodies the opportunity to be healthier, and the easier it will be for our body to get rid of the toxins we do come in contact with.