Naturopath and Medical Herbalist Bridget Younghusband

Bridget is currently on Maternity Leave.  Please meet Colleen Davies, our Naturopath and Herbalist who is willing and able to step in for Bridget

Bridget graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine. As a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, Bridget’s practice and treatments are based on a holistic approach to wellness, using:

  • traditional and scientifically researched probiotics, nutritional and herbal medicines in liquid or tableted forms.
  • wellness and weightloss programs that encourage appropriate diet and lifestyle changes.

Due to personal experience, Bridget has an affinity for those with hearing difficulties and associated immune & ENT problems such as sinus and ear infections, allergies ,asthma and skin conditions in adults, children and babies. Bridget also treats a wide range of general health issues.

Customer Feedback

” I am so grateful for the herbal tincture prepared for me by Bridget to cure recurring shingles. Her knowledge and willingness to listen and adjust the herbal combinations was wonderful relief, better than any GP’s prescription.” MFH – 72 years

Initial consultations: 1.5 hours – $100

This amount of time is required to take a complete medical history, followed by the preparation of your treatment plan, preparing the herbal medicine and supplements and booking a follow up appointment

Follow-up consultations: 30 minutes – $60

Appointments are scheduled 1-2 weeks after the first visit and then as required. Do allow for an extra 15 minutes to present the follow on treatment plan.

See Pricing summary below for more information

Pricing Summary

Initial consultation  Adult $ 95.00  Child  $ 70.00

Follow up                  Adult $ 60.00   Child $ 35.00

Telephone Consult             15 minutes       $ 30.00

Repeat of prescriptions                                $ 10.00

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Bridget in the Bodywise Herbal Dispensary
Bridget our Naturopath and Herbalist busy in our Herbal Dispensary