Lockdown is a great time to discover the herbs in your garden

Kia Ora Bodywise people

So here we are again in level 4.

We do hope you are going well in your bubbles and can enjoy the next few days even if you are working at home.

Lockdown is a great time to discover the herbs (see below) in your pantry, garden and neighbourhood for spring sniffles, especially as Bodywise is not deemed essential during level 4 and will remain closed    

However, free Naturopathic advice is available through the contact page.

Our  contact page on our website continues to be open for queries and in level 3 products may be couriered.  We will keep you posted on Facebook and via our website

Please note that any non-essential items cannot be delivered during this lockdown period and will be delivered when we leave lockdown.

We will be maintaining hygiene standards requested by government to always ensure the highest standard of cleanliness in the store and as the level dictates.

Now back to the herbs ….

Got a sniffle and need help now

No one saw this lockdown coming, so check your cupboards for remanent herbs and supplements and our ViralEase.

If you find yourself with a cold or cough, different from the one that remains nameless, see what you can find at home.

From Italian herbs and Moroccan spices in your pantry, to herbs in your garden and neighbourhood, you may have relief at your finger tips

Look for lavender, thyme, sage, manuka, nettle (use gloves) and kawakawa.  Give them a rinse to remove the pollens floating around first.

It’s simple to make – grab about a cup full of any or all fresh herbs – place in a smallish saucepan and gently simmer for about 15 minutes.  Strain off about a centimetre of gorgeous herbal tea into a mug and sip straight or dilute in hot or cold water. For kids add to a little fruit juice or make an ice block!  Drink frequently from your stock pot of nature’s powerful herbs.  Sage is not used for women who a breast feeding.

Of course, don’t forget garlic, parsley, lemon and ginger to make a lovely addition to your tea or to amp up your salad dressing or meals. Also add more thyme and rosemary to your meals and maybe a simple lavender tea to see you into the night hours

Sunshine is solar power for mood and Vitamin D, so exposure as much of your body as possible for about 15 minutes either side and then get dressed without having a shower and washing away all the oils and Vitamin D you have created.

So best wishes and thank you for your understanding and ongoing support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Enjoy your bubble and hopefully more time to breathe more deeply and discover the herbs all around you. Just make sure they are the right ones!  Google is handy for identifying them or send a photo to me via Facebook Page and I can check for you.

Sally and Bridget